Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Európa Kiadó-Popzene LP 1987

Here's the new post! This first EK LP is one of my favorite end 80s Hungarian LP (next to the first Sexepil LP). This LP called Popzene (Popmusic): strange LP name, but it wasn't a pop shit. There are 8 cool new wave/underground songs with some typical 80s synth effects. My two favorite songs from this LP: Küldj egy jelet (Send me the sign) and Toporzékolok (I'm flinging).
Very good LP, enjoy!


01.Popzene (Pop music)
02.Küldj egy jelet (Send me the sign)
03.A szem és a száj (The eyes and the mouth)
04.Elmentek a fiúk (The boys go away)
05.Toporzékolok (I'm flinging)
06.Romolj meg (Be spoiled)
07.Ez a város ( This city)
08.Minden eltörölve (Everything is clear)


And original idiotic videoclip to song Küldj egy jelet.