Sunday, 7 February 2010


Dear Readers and Visitors!

Sorry, but i have no time for a blog nowadays (work, school, other things...ecc.) and i tell you the true, i don't feel like it. The blog will not end, but i must make a pause. How long is it? I don't know exactly...Maybe 2 or 3 months.
If you have a question, please send e-mail for me.


PS: Check this cool former soviet punks in the picture!

Bikini 04.09. 1982.-live in Miskolc

Bikini is one of my favorite Hungarian punk/new wave stuff. But i know, nowadays Bikini is a silly pop-rock band. But notice it: these bands are not one and the same. Bikini was a true band until 1984, but the singer, Fero Nagy get out from the band. From 1985, Bikini just a simple commercial fool thing. But it's already a other story...

Here's the one of earlier Bikini bootleg. This is the first "official" Bikini gig. Cool recording, and very rare. The repertoire was already form, they already played their famous songs: "Viva Carramba!", "Dolina", "Hegyek között", and ...ecc.
I think, the bootlegger would be a conservative, because the song "Bioritmus" is not full.


01. Ki csinál szódát? (Who makes soda?)
02.A zenekar üzenete (Message of the band)
03.Szintetizátor (Synthesizer)
04.Hegyek között (Between the mountains)
05.Viva Carramba!
07.Nem leszek sohasem a játékszered (I won't your toy)
08.Bioritmus (Bio-rhythm)
10.Nagyvárosi farkas (Urban wolf)
11.Katicabogárka (Ladybird)