Thursday, 20 January 2011

Első Emelet-1. 1984

They was very commercial and very mainstream, but their first LP was a cool commerical Hungarian new wave/pop stuff.

Első Emelet (meaning: First Floor) started in 1982 with another music and members. The band was a very popular Hungarian band between 1984-1990. In early period they played punk influenced music but after one year they changed and they started a pop/synth/new wave influenced music. In 1983 they released first 7" (called: "Noteszember/Amerika"-
Paperboy/America) with another singer. In 1983, they changed the singer and they released their first LP in 1984.

What my opinion about the LP?
This LP still cool and funny, there are 12 synthpop and Kajagoogoo and Duran Duran influenced songs with funny and idiot lyrics. The image of the band was totally gay, like the Kajagoogoo...
After the first LP they became a more popular and more commercial, and their lyrics became more idiot... I don't like their late period, but this LP is cool!
The lot of songs speak about a typical teenage things or desires, and some songs just funnies.

E.g. lyrics of song "Amerika":

"This is the place
Where everything sale
This is the country
Where you can get everything
This is the place where you can buy the happiness for dollars!
Chorus: The commercial is shout me:
The commercial is shout me,
and i go to the shop,
it doesn't matter how much is it,
let mine be only!...."


01.Önarckép (Self-Portrait)
02.Dadogós break (Stammering break)
03.Sivatag (Desert)
04.Nézelődünk (We looking)
05.Rémálom (Nightmare)
06.Vannak dolgok (Some things)
07.A dolgok közepében (In the middle of the things)
08.Óvatosan lépkedj (Walk carefully)
09.Tilalomfák (Prohibition things)
10.Középkori házibuli (Middle-aged Party)
12.Amerika (America)


I have a advice for you: if you listen this stuff, you don't lose anything, but i don't recommend another LP from this band,because thats simple shitty....

Monday, 3 January 2011


Dear Visitors! Happy new year! Thank you for the visiting! We have ca. 35000 visitors from 101 countries! The Ultra Rock Agency is not dead, still alive! Sorry for the rare posts, but i have no time to my blog ,but in next month i will upload some Hungarian new wave stuffs from early 80s.

Hold on!