Saturday, 29 August 2009

Elit Osztag-demo 1987

Elite Osztag (In English: Elite Detachment) was a Hungarian punkband, formed in 1983 and i think they still play now.
Not too well-known punkband.

01.Dolgozz! (Work!)
02.Tűzijáték (Fireworks)
03.Gyilkosság (Murder)
04.Kék fény (Blue Lights)
05.Kispolgárok (Petty bourgeois)
06.Katonák a harcban (Soldiers in war)
07.Hollé (Ole)
09.Talpnyaló (Bootlicker)
10.Optimista (Optimist)
11.Testvériség-Egyenlőség (Brotherhood and Equality)
12.Szesztilalom(Prohibition of alcoholic drinks)


Európa Kiadó-Last Concert 30.12.1983.

Európa Kiadó (in English:European Edition) was a very popular underground/new wave band in Hungary in the 80s. When the cult band, URH broke up in 1981, the former URH guitarist, Jenő Menyhárt founded Európa Kiadó in 1981. But the first band period was not a too successful therefore the Európa Kiadó broke up in late 1983. I uploaded there farewell party in Ikarusz club.
But after 2 years, the band was remodelled and they released two album in late 80s (Popzene in 1987 and Szavazz rám in 1989). The band really broke up in 1997. But they gave a concert in 2004 (when Hungary accessionen to the EU) and in 2006.



Tracklist is too long now therefore i don't feel like write down and translate it.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

ZIL and RAUS rare recordings from early 80s

ZIL was a little-known punkband in Hungary maybe from 1982 or 1983. Some people said, ZIL was a one of the first skinhead band in Hungary but i think, they are mistaken. The first Hungarian skinhead band was a Mos-Oi .To err is human....
ZIL was not a skinhead band, it was a punkband with very angry and here and there rascist lyrics.
But i think, they were not a nazi band.
They released a short demo there are 2 songs, and the band was transformed into RAUS.

ZIL demo tracklist:

01.Én vagyok az Új Hitler (The new Hitler is coming)
02.Cigányveszély Angyalföldön (Gipsy danger in "Angyalföld")

There are very unusual sounds and very very poor quality.

RAUS recordings tracklist:

01.Ungarn Über Alles (Hungary forever)
02.Koncertezni kéne (We should give a concert)
03.Az üvegfal mögött (Behind the glass-wall)

Both recordings (ZIL and RAUS) are very rare, enjoy!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

VHK-live 24.09. 1985

Formerly i already wrote about VHK (Galopping Coroners) therefore i don't want to write a lot.
But this concert is very unusual because the band played on György Galántai statues. He is a experimental artist, he founded "ARTPOOL" in 1979 (
So, but the VHK didn't used instruments, they played on iron statues. Unusual music, inarticulate sounds.... Great!


QSS-demo 1984

QSS is a punkband from Hungary, they founded in 1981 and they still play nowadays. They made lot of demo in 80s but i think, this demo made in Hungarian Radio in 1984.Typical punk, powerful lyrics, but here and there trite lyrics with great music. Their famous song in 80s Kézigránát kell(I need hand-grenade).


01. Unknown song
02.El innen (Get away!)
03.Hazám (Fatherland)
04.Kézigránát kell (I need hand-grenade)
05.Nem érdekel (I don't care)
07.Utolsó felszólítás (The last call)


Saturday, 15 August 2009

Világ lázadói harcra fel! sampler 1984

Világ lázadói harcra fel (in English:Rebels of the World ready to fight!) was a sampler from 1984, there are 5 Hungarian punkbands: CPg, Kretens (Cretins), ETA, QSS, Fegyelem (Discipline). The 7" released in France not in Hungary. Not too good sampler, there are five songs, i don't like too much this LP but i think, it's a important mark of the communist ages.


01.CPg-Primitív bunkó (Primitive knob)
02.Kretens-Bürokraták (Bureaucrats)
05.Fegyelem-Alkohol (Alcohol)


E.T.A.-demo 1982

Here's the E.T.A. demo from 1982, but i think, my german friend, already uploaded this demo in May. ( But now i uploaded too, because it's one of my favorite Hungarian punk tape.
So, some information about E.T.A. : I think, E.T.A. was a first real pro punkband in Hungary, formed in 1981, when the former Neurotic singer, Péter Czeller came out from Neurotic.
First of all they played lot of adaptation from Sham 69, Stooges, Damned, UK.Subs and Agent Orange. In 1982- 1983 they are a strongest punkband in Budapest. They released this demo and they broke up because of "punk lawsuits". E.T.A. very political and provocative.


01.ETA (Agent Orange cover)
02.Spicli (Spy)
03.Nulladal (Zero-song)
04.Nemzetközi helyzet (International situation)
05.Ez az én világom (This is my world-->UK. Subs cover)
06.Telefon (Telephone-->UK. Subs cover)
07.VHK (Ode for Galloping Coroners band)
08.Munkát! Kenyeret! (We want to work and bread! )
09.Átéltem az éjszakát (I went to through the night)
10.Anarchia (Anarchy)
11.Gyerünk! (Let's go! )
12.Űrdisco (Spacedisco)
13.Anarchia (Anarchy-->Stooges and Damned cover)
14.Live 1
15.Live 2
16.Live 3

Live recordings there are 10 songs: ETA, Telefon (Telephone), Nulladal (Zero-song) , Ez az én világom (This is my world ), Munkát! Kenyeret! (We want to work and bread! ), Prostituált vagyok (I'm a prostitue), Gyerünk! (Let's go! ), Nemzetközi helyzet (International situation), Timur és csapata (Timur and his group) , Anarchia (Anarchy). Uncut version.


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Trabant-rehearsal in '80s

Trabant made a great depression "roommusic". They not played on gigs or concerts rather they made demotapes. Here's one of Trabant demotape from early 80s. I wrote about Trabant few month ago i wrote all information therefore i don't write a lot now.

This rehearsal there are 16 songs, with a bit reggae influenced music. Quality is good, enjoy!


01.azt hiszem, hogy (I think, that...)
02.ez a ház (This house)
03.Ez lett a vége (This was the end)
04.go, baby
05.harang a-b (Bell a-b)
06.itt van, pedig senki se hívta (He is here, but nobody called him)
07.levert vagy (You are depressed)
08.marionett (Marionette)
09.mániákus depresszió (Maniac depression)
10.napszúrás (Sunstroke)
11.pirosbetűs napok (Important days)
12.pótvizsga (Second examination)
13.ragaszthatatlan szív (Unstick heart)
14.rövid séta (Short walking)
15.Rio és Tokyo (Rio and Tokyo)
16.szállodák, palmafak (Hotels, Palm-trees)


Saturday, 8 August 2009

Kisangyal-demo 1986-87

Kisangyal (in English: Littleangle) was a simple punkband in Hungary, formed in 1986 and broke up end of 1987. I think, the band is not so individual but the bandleader Ádám Pozsonyi later wrote a punkbook in the end of 90s and he went to journalist to Magyar Nemzet and Demokrata newspapers.
I don't like this demo too much and i don't read Pozsonyi's newspapers, because too right-wing deviation....
But i don't want to influence anybody therefore download and enjoy!


01.A mezőgazdasági munka szépségei (Beauty of agricultural work)
03.Pax! Mir! Béke! (Peace!)
04.Virsligyár (Sausage-factory)
05.Traktoroslány (Tractor-driver girl)
06.Bárcsak háború lenne már (If only there would be war already)
07.Virsligyár (Sausage-factory)
08.Elmegyek (I go away)
09.Bárcsak háború lenne már(If only there would be war already)
12.Szólhat már a rádió (The radio can work)
13.Szebb jövö (Pretty future)
14.Kárpát medence (Pannonian basin)
16.A város holnaptól... (The city by tomorrow...)
17.Szebb jövö (Pretty future)


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Fegyelem-demo 1985

Fegyelem(meaning: Discipline) was a typical suburban punkband from Budapest with typical aggressive and knob lyrics and musics. Nihil, rage and monoton tones.Selection from one of Fegyelem lyrics: "I fuck your face/You don't instruct me/Fuck off everybody/You don't advise me!"
Unfortunately i couldn't find any picture about Fegyelem, great demo, i very very like it!


01.Minden ki van találva (Everything is ready-made)
02.Állat vagyok (I'm animal)
03.A kés élén (On the edge of knife-->GBH cover)
04.A cél szentesíti az eszközt(The end justifies the means)
05.Alkohol (Alcohol)
06.Ebben a háborúban (In this war)
07.Lányok, lányok (Girls, girls)


Egri Bikavér-1985

When Egri Csillagok (Stars of Eger) broke up, the band singer, Mihály Juhász founded a new band. Egri Bikavér(Bull's Blood of Eger) was a short lived punkband from Eger from 1985. The band played on legendary Hungarian punk festival, Total '85 in Paks. So, I uploaded short demo with 4 songs and live recording with 10 songs. The band broke up in end of 1985 and the band singer founded again new punk band, Biztonsági Tanács(Security Council) in 1986.

Demo tracklist:

01.Atomeső (Nuclear rain)
02.Csábos kislány (Sweet girl)
03.Hős lettél (You were heroic)
04.Olvasztár (Smelter)

Live tracklist:

01.Hé te(Hey, you)
02.Minden lehetett volna másképp(There could have been everything some other way)
03.Hős lettél (You were heroic)
04.Mi van? (What is that?)
05.Ne ugass(Don't barking)
06.Hol az igazság? (Where is the justice?)
07.Atomeső(Nuclear rain)
08.Csábos kislány(Sweet girl)
10.Komplyúter (Computer)


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Kontroll Csoport-demo 1983

Kontroll Csoport(Control Group) recorded this demo in 1983 in Ikarusz club. It's a real curious story, because MHV (name of the Hungarian Record Company) sponsored their demo recorded, and the Record Company planed Control Group LP, but it was failed. Namely, the band played in Spions memorial concert in april, 1983, and it was scandalous gig. So, luckily the official Control Group LP was failed but this demo came to lot of people.
In the early 90s, the descendant of Record Company wanted to released officially this demo. But it was failed again. Finally this demo released by Bahia in 1992.


A zene mindenkié (Music Is For Everybody)
Nem én vagyok (It's Not Me)
04.Kis piros bombázó (Little Red Bombardier)
Ma háború van, holnap béke (There's War Today, Peace Tomorrow)
Eladom (I Sell Everything)
Kicsinek látszol innen (You Look Small From Here)
09.A rock'n'roll egy állat (Rock'N'Roll Is An Animal)
10.A félelem háza (The house of fear)
11.Fényes bogarak (Shining insects)
12.Ole, Ola
13.Besúgók és provokátorok (Informers and provocators)
14.Ez a fajta (This kind)
15.Ez a fajta csoda (This kind wonder)
16.Jöjj drágám (Come on my darling)
17.Lili Kommandó (Lili Commando)
18.Azt csináljak amit akarok (I want to do what i want)
19.Hol vannak a régi álmaim (
Where I have the old dreams)