Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tejbezri-EP 1985

Tejbezrí was a synth/new wave Hungarian band with a bit punk roots. The band formed in early 80s and they played in official Hungarian new wave sampler, 1.2..3...Start Új Hullám in 1983 and they released only EP in 1985. Tejbezrí songs is not so happy, instead of this very sadly...
Sorry, but i couldn't any picture about Tejbezrí EP because it's very rare EP.
Tejbezrí broke up 1985, the bandmembers formed Human Telex in 1986.

02.Tűzoltó utca (Tuzolto street)

03.Csak(Just)->from 1.2..3...Start Új Hullám sampler


Ketchup-Letchup 1982

Ketchup-Letchup(sometimes:Ketchup Letchup Guard) was a teenage new wave band, formed in 1981. They played in High School Student Rockfest in 1982 and i think, after the band broke up... I don't know a lot about this band, because Ketchup-Letchup is a very rare, i just found 2 songs from band. I don't like this band too much, because their music is very boring, but the lyrics is not so bad...
In this picture, the Youth Magazine spoke with bandsinger about Ketchup-Letchup music style and other silly topics.

01.Idők szava (Word of times)
02.Szoc-reál álom (Socialist-realistic dream)


Friday, 26 June 2009


I don't know a lot about this band.
Rottens was a one of the first punkgroup in Hungary, founded in 1980.First, the band played in rock club and the singer tore off the "starphotos" from the wall and he cut up himself with glass.
This recordings there are 4 songs. Quality is not so good, therefore the music is not so enjoyable...but important recordings. Rottens broke up in 1982.

02.Gyilkos széria(Killer series)
03.Adj nekik kötelet(Give rope to them)
04.Neutron eső(Neutron rain)

Thanks for the Rottens pictures for Péter Dragojlovics!


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A.E. Bizottság-Jégkrémbalett LP 1984

Here's the second and the last album from A.E. Bizottság( Albert Einstein Committee). The name of the album Ice cream ballet. This LP is a soundtrack for same name movie. This movie is artist, surreal filmclip about the A.E. Bizottság songs. Still i haven't watched this movie, because very very rare....

In 1985, the band went to the Westeuropean tour and sooner, they broke up...Tracklist:
02.Amikor Pedig A Kígyókkal...(When with the snakes...)
03.Baad Schandau
05.Jégkrémbalett (Ice cream ballet)
06.Használt Dal (Second-hand song)
07.Nõi Agyvelõ (Woman brain)
09.Fekete Krém (Black cream)
10.Duzzad (It's swell)
11.Dojó Otthon
13.Leköszönés (Outro)

Monday, 22 June 2009

A.E. Bizottság-Kalandra Fel! LP 1983

At that time, everybody shocked at A.E. Bizottság.You may not have been neutral to it. They schocked, horrified or amused. You must reacted to A.E. Bizottság.
A.E. Bizottság (meaning:Comittee or Alber Einstein Comittee) was a underground band in Hungary between 1980-1986. I don't exagerate, but A.E.Bizottság is a essential element of the Hungarian new wave.
In 1980, they played in Black Sheep Festival (it was a rock festival with 3 popular rockband:P.Mobil, HBB, Beatrice), but the redneck rockers are not tolerated their "catastrophemusic". Yes, their music is not really rock music, but the intellectuals and punks are like it.
They released 2 LP in 1983 and 1984. I upload their 1. LP, Kalandra fel(Adventure up!) from 1983.
the band


01.Köszöntő [Address/Invitation
03.Brutális [Brutal]
04.Konyhagyeplő [Kitchen Rein]
05.Linaj, Linaj, Van-Van-Van [Linay, Linay, Van-Van-Van]
06.Ne Nagyon Gesztikulálj [Don't Gesticulate So Much]
07.Vaniliaálomkex [Vanilia-Dream-Biscuit]
08.Bestia [Beast]
09.Versike [Rhyme]
10.Na Ne Hülyéskedj [Stop Kidding]
11.Egy Lány Kéne Nekem [I'd Need A Girl]
12.Már Megint Ez A Depresszió [Depression Back Again]
13.Nem Bírom A Gyűrődést [Pooped Out]
14.Mindez Én Vagyok [All That Is Me]
16.Szerelem, Szerelem [Love, Love]

A.E. Bizottság in Black Sheep Festival, Budapest, 1980


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Agresszor-Live 1982

Agresszor(meaning Aggressor) was a totally teenage punk band in Budapest, formed in 1981 and broke up 1982. Unfortunately, but i couldn't find picture about this band, but i found a NME article about Budapest punk/new wave scene, and NME wrote about Agresszor too!
I uploaded their only recording(live), there are 4 great tracks and 1 great Sex Pistols write up song (Holiday in the Sun). Angry, ironical punk with lot of teenage rebellion. Enjoy!

NME article: (in this article, wrote lot of Hungarian punk/new wave band, e.g. ETA, Kontroll Csoport, Agresszor, Citrom, Balaton and Neurotic)


02.Hülye kispolgár vagy(You are stupid middle-class)
03.Holiday in the sun (Sex Pistols cover)
04.Anarchiát! (I want to anarchy)
05.Békés egymás mellett élés (Peaceful living beside each other)


Friday, 19 June 2009

Rolls Frakció-EP 1982

Here's the only Rolls Frakció EP from 1982 with melodious new wave songs and with not too good lyrics. This EP is not turn out well and i think, it's a bit forced, but this Rolls EP is a interesting Hungarian new wave age document!

Rolls during the performance



Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fórum-live 1981

Fórum(meaning:Forum) was a Hungarian new wave band between 1981-1982. Supposedly they played ska music the first time in Hungary. Fórum released only 7" (Csak az a biztos/Mikor még volt súlya a szónak) and they played in lot of famous music clubs in Budapest, and the band broke up in 1982. This recording made in 1981 in FMH club. There are interesting ska songs and Yugoslavian new wave songs, because Fórum often played Prljavo Kazaliste, Bijelo Dugme, Idoli songs.


01.Fogd be a szád(Shut up!)
02.Ha-Ha-Ha(Bijelo Dugme cover)
03.Csak az a biztos(Only that safe)
04.Ritkán láttok lányokkal(I rarely see you with girls-Idoli cover Retko te viđam sa devojkama)
05.Sörinduló(Beer march)
06.Hattyúk tava(Lake of Swans)
07.Mi táncolunk(We dance->Pljavo Kazaliste cover Mi plešemo)
Hidd el rocker(Believe rocker)
09.Hop-cup(Bijelo Dugme cover)
10.Mikor még volt súlya a szónak(When the word was essential)
11.Kezitcsókolom(I kiss her hand)
12.Megérni a század végét(I hope i will live to see the end of the century->Bijelo Dugme cover Doživjeti stotu)


Saturday, 13 June 2009

Kontroll Csoport- 1981

Kontroll Csoport(meaning:Control Group) founded in 1980 and broke up in 1983. Kontroll Csoport was a definitely, creative new wave/underground band with female singer.
The band wasn't a typical new wave, they were warlike, intellectual, provocative,noisy and the intellectual youths are like them.
Control Group during the performance

This demo is a first Kontroll Csoport recording, made in 1981. The quality is not so good, the songs there are a bit punk-influence.

02.Rendőr-dal (Policeman-song)
03.Anyád( Your mother)
04.Polak węgier dwa bratanki (In Polish!!)
05.Nem akarom elvenni a kedvedet (I don't want to spoil your's humour)
06.Johnny Rotten
07.A mi agyunk téves (Our brain is wrong)
08. Annál jobb itt (At that good here)
09.Keresnek(They search you, get out!)
10.Holdfényes májusok( Moonlight Mays)


Control Group in action

Friday, 12 June 2009

Bikini-Hova lett LP 1983

Bikini founded in 1982. It was a punk/new wave influenced band and they released 2 LP and the members are changed and the band changed about pop-rock music with new members and new singer.
But the first Bikini LP is very great, this LP there are punk, a bit rock and lot of noise... As far as i know, Jello Biafra liked this LP.

1.Jó szelet kívánok(Fair wind to you)
2.Maradj már!!! (Come off it!)
4.Otyi-Totyi-Ping pong
5.Nem leszek sohasem(I will never be)
6.A zenekar üzenete(Message from the band)
7.Ki csinál szódát(Who gonna make some soda?)
8.Ki csinál szódát (Who gonna make some soda 2. )
9.Viva! Carramba!!
10.Dolina(Dolina-in russian)
11.Születésnapi fűrész(Birthday saw)
12.Ó, igen, felborult(Oh, yes, it's been upset)
13.Jauao, Eladio (Yah-ee- yaoh-elahdio)
14.Gyerekmese (Children's tale)



Monday, 8 June 2009

Spenót-demo 1983

Spenót(meaning:Spinach) was a Hungarian new wave band between 1981-1983.
In first period, the band played reggae-rock music with a bit punk but sooner, the band changed about synth new wave. Their lyrics there are a bit provocative and critical. In 1983, they made this demo and later, they released only 7" (Samba/Hová tűntek a szőke nők) and the band broke up.
Great demo, download, and enjoy!

01.Csak cigarettázom és eszem(I just smoking and eating)
02.Ép testben(In health body)
03.Fantasztikusan szép vagy(You are a very beautiful)
04.80-as évek(Boring 80s)
06.Forró szerelem(Hot love)
07.Hová tűntek a szőke nők? (Where the blond women were disappearing?)
08.Wir sind modern!
10.Modern idők(Modern ages)


Újhullámos Fesztivál-1982 Balatonfüred, Hungary

Here's the NEW WAVE FESTIVAL 07. 08. 1982, Balatonfüred, Hungary. I think this tape is not full tape just compilation, but not so bad, and the quality is very good!
In this festival played some Hungarian new wave/punk band: Rolls Frakció, Modells, Sikátor, Agydaganat and Árnyékszék.

01.Robbantgatunk, rabolgatunk(we just destroy and rob
02.Fejezetek egy iskolás gyermek naplójából(Diary of schoolboy)
03.Írtam a bátyámnak egy dalt(I wrote the song for my brother)
04.Dolgoztam egész nap(I worked all day)
05.Nem kell a púder (I don't want to toilet-powder)
06.Kínai lányok(Chinese girls)
08.Nagyvárosi farkas(Big City wolf-->song about youth problems)
09.Nézz rám és én lehánytam magam(Look, and i vomit me)
10.A demagóg(The demagogue)
11.Térden állva(We kneel)
12.Nekem mindegy (i don't care)
13.Üss meg(Hit me)
14.Felnőni nem felrobbanni(We class)
15.Világosíts fel(Information me)
16.Értéktöbblet elmélet(Surplus value theory)
17.Punk mozgalmi induló(Punk movement march)
18.A bomba(the bomb)
20.Nem én voltam(I wasn't...)
21.Bűnhődés 1 (Suffer1)
22.Bűnhődés 2 (Suffer2)

1-2:Rolls Frakció(Rolls Fraction)



Razzia was a punkband from Budapest in early 80s. Typical early British punk ifluenced music, Sex Pistols, Ramones, ridicule, angry lyrics and bad sound.... Great!

01.Moncsicsi baba(Moncsics baby)
02.I don't care (Ramones cover)
03.Kommunista voltál(You was communist)
04.Könnygáz(Tear gas)
06.Rosszak az idegeim(My nerves are bad)
08.Lazy(Sex Pistols cover)
09.Nukleáris háború(Nuclear war)



Lavina(meaning:Avalanche) was a one-man member Hungarian punkband in Budapest between 1977-1982. Lavina was the one of the first Hungarian punkband, but at first they played The Police included music, and i know, their Elinium song was a very popular in 1980. But sooner, the band broke up, the members are stoped the music. But the band singer, Kristof Attila Nagy continued in alone. Lavina never published demo or other recordings, just this short live recording. There are 3 track, but the quality is not so good, but the music is very very interesting! I couldn't find picture about band, therefore i uploaded the IM, the Youth Magazine picture. It was the first article about punk in 1982....

01.Csak ugasson(Just barking)
02.Világosíts fel (Information me!)-->It's a very critical Attila Jozsef poem



Saturday, 6 June 2009

GM49-recordings between 1980-1983

GM49 was a great Hungarian new wave band in early 80s. They wasn't agressive and punk, they played ska and reggae-pop with ironical lyrics. They released 2 single in 1982. These recordings never published officially. It's a great and funny tape with classical GM49 song:"Bélát itt ne keressék"


First GM49 single from 1982

1.Zöld alma(Green apple)
2. Négytagú Zenekar (Four-member band)
3. Mirelit-ember(Fridge-man)
4. Gyomrom(My stomach)
5. Instrumental
6. Kötöde(Knitting shop)
7. Hullám-reggae(Reggae-wave)
8. Panasziroda I.(Complaint-office)
9. A szó,amit senki sem ért (Word when nobody understand)
10. A kása forrón jó (hot mush is good)
11. Szoba dal (Room-song)
12. Ha megidegesedek(If i will nervous)
13. A telken (In building site)
14.Csináljatok valamit (Do something else!)
15. Erdőbe nem megyek (I don't go to forest)
16. Panasziroda II. (Complaint-office 2)
17. Bélát itt ne keressék (Not search here Bela)
18.Líra (Lyra)


Friday, 5 June 2009

URH-demo 1980

URH(meaning Ultra Rock Agency) was a underground/punk/new wave band in Hungary between 1980-1981.
URH was a very special band in early 80s. They often said: "we came in order that we cancel the 70s!!" These words are surprised the redneck Hungarian rockbands, it marked them, the time has come to new music...
URH wasn't a typical punk band, their lyrics was absolute intellectual and intellectual, speak about politics, sex, drug and poetics. Their name: URH refered the communist police....
News of URH came to Chris Bohn and New Musical Express. Sooner, Chris Bohn went to Hungary and made interview for URH and some banned earlier Hungarian punkbands(Petting, Spions, Balaton, Beatrice).
Here's the interview:

"....The best moment of the set comes when they're joined by URH guitarist Jenő [Menyhárt], whose one song performance is perhaps the most astonishing thing I've ever seen. Seated, legs crossed, on a low wooden stool, supported by the acapella mouthings of the Balaton pair, his voice barks into a terse rant, which apparently runs along the lines of "Too many police, too few whores" and back to "Too many whores, too few policemen". (The song's words and emotions are far more complex, but not so easy to translate to paper.)

By the end he is bent almost double spitting out the words and most everyone in the room is supporting him, either clapping along or providing the bass parts.

After hearing URH's tapes he turns out an equally compelling guitarist. URH music is the best I heard anywhere during my stay in Central Europe. They make wild, swinging music driven by some wonderfully furious guitar. It's all shaped by the ironically maudlin but masculine noise of the choral singing.

Led by student film director Péter Müller, they come from mixed working class and intellectual backgrounds. Their lively music cuts dead the lumbering rock of officially supported bands in the same way punk cleared the air here a few years ago.

The authorities have already betrayed signs of interest in URH's activities. Just before I arrived they were due to play at Budapest's law school, promoted by the young communist organisation. However their secretary cancelled the gig, apparentlly under pressure from collage professors. They tried to discredit the band by claiming the initials stood for Ultra Radical Bureau or Ultra Reactionary Frequency, although it's commonly known their name means Ultra Rock Agency. It is also the code for the police emergency short wave frequency, someone tells me.

The band's raison d'etre is partly to encounter the reams of misinformation disseminated about rock and roll, hence the name, says Jenő.

" There has never been any precedent for new wave here in Hungary. And we have no proper rock tradition - well, maybe in form but not in content. People here have a very distorted view of it. Thus we try to bring through our lyrics and music and also the kind of life we live the idea of what rock and roll existance really is."...."

1.Kék fény(Blue light)
3.Eltemetünk bye! (We bury you, bye bye!)
4.Van-e élet a Földön? (Is there a life on the Earth?)
5.Vigyetek el (Take along me)
6.Szavazz rám(Vote for me)
7.Nagy testvér (The Big Brother)
8.Ismeretlen katona (Unknown soldier)
9.Bon Si Bon
10.Agyamban kopasz cenzor ül (Bald censor sit in my brain)
11.Észak-jemen jó hely (North Jemen is a good place!)


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Rolls Frakció-Fuckin' USA live 08.05. 1983

This Rolls Frakció(Rolls Fraction) recording there are lot of great songs with critical lyrics and punk influenced music. This recording made in 1981 in Youth park in Budapest. It's funny, because they tried to played Sex Pistols and Exploited...but i think, it is a good hungarian punk recording!

2.Fuckin' USA (Exploited cover)
3.God save the queen (Sex Pistols cover)
4.Evolúció csodája(Wonder of evolution)
5.Fogyasztói társadalom(Customer society)
6.Széles, tágas tér(broad and wide square)
7.Budapest felett(Budapest over)
8.A városban ahol élek(The city, where i live)
11.Tavaszi délután(Spring afternoon)
12.Nem változott semmi(Nothing change)
13.Bordám között kasza(Scythe between my ribs)
14.Tégla(Daily spy)
16.Adj helyet(Give me a place)


Monday, 1 June 2009

Rolls-1984 LP (1985)

Here's the only Rolls Frakció LP from 1985 with not-radical lyrics and with agreeable synth/new wave music. Enjoy!

1.Budapest felett(Budapest over)
2.Izzik a tavaszi délután
3.Adj helyet(Give me a place)
4.Átlátnak rajtam(They see through me)
5.Megadom magam(I surrender myself)
6.Minden nagyon szép(Everything is good)
8.Lombikbébi(Lombic baby)
9.1964-->it's a shit rock song,i don't understand, how got here...
10.Elfogynak szavaim(My words are give out)