Tuesday, 29 December 2009


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I don't upload new article on my blog in last days but i will write new post in January.
Happy new year to all!

Probable new post in January 2010:
  • Boldog Idők (meaning: Happy Times) tape from 1985 (with 12 tracks, great quality)
  • Z.E.F.-demotape 1984

Monday, 28 December 2009

QQRIQ- live 1982

QQRIQ - one of the first punkband in Hungarian countryside. Formed in 1982 and broke up maybe in early 1983, i don't know exactly. One of cool guy sent me this rare recording before Christmas.

I think, it's not too good tape,with very unusual tones and with bad quality but maybe if you interested in early Hungarian punk music, i think, you will like it! This tape there are 2 concert: first QQRIQ gig (when the Bikini played after QQRIQ) and the second concert is unknown for me.
No tracks, uncut version.


Friday, 25 December 2009

Pink Panthers-Live 1987

Pink Panthers was a punk band from Hungarian countryside. Formed in 1985, but then the bandname was K.U.K. (Kaiser Und König) but later, they changed the bandname. Pink Panthers played totally scandal band with very aggressive, angry and vulgar lyrics. This concert tape is their only band recording, recorded in 1987 but released in 2003.
I think the band played Mosoi and anti-communist and anti-gypsy songs in their concerts.


01.Nem arra születtem (I didn't born it)
02.Kurva anyját minden híres embernek (Fuck off all famous people)
03.Heroin (Heroine)
04.Népdal (Folk-song)
05.Szeretlek, imádlak (I love you, i like you)
07.Nem tudok élni nélküled (I can't live without you)
08.Végrehajtjuk mindenáron (We will carry out at any price)
09.Mindenki (Everybody)
10.Megdöglesz (You will die)
11.Keletről nincs visszaút (No return from East)
12.Elvégeztem a küldetésem (I finished my mission)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?tiziodywdmk 

Sunday, 20 December 2009

F.O. System-s/t 1990

F.O. System (meaning: Fuck Off System) was a legendary Hungarian new wave/dark wave band between 1986-1991. F.O. System would be a cult band, they played with New Model Army and with Christian Death in West Germany and in West-Berlin.
Here's there once tape, made in 1990. Great depressed lyrics and tones. Enjoy!


01.Nézz rám (Look at me)
02.Hiába minden (All is in vain)
03.Utolsó üvoltés (The last howl)
04.Talán (Maybe)
05.Lebegés (Floating)
06.Még (Still)
07.Ne félj (Don't afraid)
08.Engedj el (Set me free)
09.Öngyilkos vágyak (Suicide desires)
10.Hold (Moon)
11.Ne gondolj rám (Don't think me)
12.Miért? (Why?)
13.Őrült világ (Crazy world)
14.Ha eljön az idő (If the time is here)
15.Túl közel (Too nearly)


Saturday, 19 December 2009


RDF - one of the unknown Hungarian punkband from early 80s. These recordings there are some bad quality demo songs and live songs. Typical early punk demo with bad quality, aggressive lyrics with visions of 3rd world war or nuclear war. Sorry, but i couldn't find picture about the band.


01.Patkányok (Rats)
02.Fegyverkező állatok (Military preparation animals)
03.Sajnálni nem tudlak (I can't feel sorry for you)
04.Patkányok (Rats-live)
05.Hol van a dicső múlt (Where is the great past?-live)
06.Ellenséges gépek (Enemy airplains-live)


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Beatrice-Last concert in 30.07.1981

Beatrice was a legendary Hungarian rock-punk band, formed in 1974, but in the initial period, they played disco music, but it was a another band. Disco Beatrice broke up in 1976 and the band changed music-style. They started rock and later (maybe in 1978-1979), they started punk influenced music. They often played Ramones songs during the concerts but in Hungarian! At this time, already they were a banned band in Hungary because of their provocative lyrics.
In 1980-1981 the band already played punk/new wave influenced songs, but they never would be a really punk/new wave band, but the Beatrice was a absolutely important band in Hungarian punk history. I think, they were a pre-punk band. Because of the banned, the Beatrice broke up in late 1981. The singer, Feró Nagy later played a lot of Hungarian punk/underground band, e.g. Backing Group, Csiga Biga, Bikini. In the late 80s, the Beatrice was reformed and after the peaceful revolution, the band released lot of new albums. The band play nowadays too, but is not a same band...


01.Minek él az olyan (What live that kind of...)
02.Civilizáció (Civilization)
03.Besült a mutatvány (The show is out of order)
04.Punk szerelmi líra (Punk love lyric poetry)
05.Viszlát (Good bye!)
06.Túl az Óperencián (Across the Óperencia)
07.Topis zenész (Poor musician)
08.Szóló (Guitarsolo)
09.Nem nekem tanulsz (You don't learn me-You learn yourself)
10.Katicabogárka (
11.Nagyvárosi farkas (Urban wolf)
12.Sánta Mária (Lame Mary)
13.Itt a tavasz (The spring is here)
14.Meditáció II. (Meditation II.)
15.Nem kell (Not need)
16.Közjáték (Public toys)
17.Topis bluz (Poor blues)
18.Bécsi csók (Vienna kiss)
19.Üzenetek II. (Messages II.)
20.Éljen, Éljen, Hurrá! (Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!)
21.Kifakult sztár (Grew star)