Friday, 26 November 2010


This is my advertisement on the blog. With one of my friend i will make a 70s-80s new wave party in 02. February, 2011.
It won't be a concert, rather like the new wave/punk "disco", we will play original and true new wave hits!
It will be a totally free party. We prefer these kind of new wave styles next to the punk:
  • early 80s synthpop
  • Neue Deutsche Welle (West German new wave)
  • Post Punk
  • New Romantics
  • Yugoslavian new wave
So, this party will start 8.00 PM!


Szeged, Kölcsey u. 4.
SZTEage Club

If you want, come on !

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Punk concert in Youth Park, Budapest 1984

In summer 1984 five punkband Aurora (still with female singer), Marina Revue, Tizedes meg a Többiek, Rizikó Faktor and Galopping Coroners played in Budapest Youth Park. Should have played Kretens ,but they were delay 2 hours, therefore they didn't perform. Funny isn't it? So, here's the bootleg of this concert unfortunately without Rizikó Faktor and Galopping Coroners tracks. Formerly i had these tracks, but unfortunately i lose it. I uploaded 2 rare pictures too: 1. picture: band Rizikó Faktor in Balatonszemes rock camp 1984, 2. picture:Rizikó Faktor again in Youth Park concert 1984.