Sunday, 31 May 2009

Rolls Frakció-live 12.09.1982

Rolls Frakció(meaning Rolls Fraction) was a popular new wave band in Hungary between 1981-1984. Rolls was a great band with critical and sometimes angry and anti-government and anti-social lyrics. They music included the Police and Sex Pistols. The State Record Company was banned the band in early 80s, but at finally they released once LP in 1985. Sooner, i will upload this LP too!

01.Belvárosi üvegház(Central skyscraper)
02.Robbangatunk, rabolgatunk(we just blow up and rob)
03.Fejezetek egy iskolás gyermek naplójából (Diary of schoolboy)
05.Csabi-dal (Csabi-song)
06.Késő délután(Late afternoon)
07.Művirágot sodor a szél (wind blow the plastic flower)
08.Ez a környezet( This place)
09.Lakótelep (Block of flats)
10.Rutinos megalkuvók(Experienced oppurtunism)
12.Hétköznapi tégla(Daily spy)


Friday, 29 May 2009

VHK-Live 1982

VHK(In Hungarian Vágtázó Halottkémek meaning Galopping Coroners) was a first punkband in Hungary, founded in 1975. But VHK wasn't typical punk band, they played body action and impulsive music with etno elements. They didn't sing nice songs about "Middle Nirvana", they shout and howl... VHK singer, Attila Grandpierre was absoulute punk.
VHK played in the cult Gabor Body movie Kutya Éji Dala(meaning Dogs night song).
The communist government banned VHK in the 80s, the band didn't play in Hungary too much, but they often played in West, in 1984, VHK played in West-Berlin, Copenhagen and later, they played in Netherlands. VHK broke up in 2000.

It's a live tape from 1982 there are 4 songs and 2 full concert.
1.Concert in Ikarusz 26.09.1982
2.Concert in Castle of Buda 01.04.1982



PS: You can download VHK-radio artpool demo 1985 from magtapeculturecide blog!

Monday, 25 May 2009


Neurotic was a intellectual punkband in Hungary, founded in 1980-1981, but later, they moved to new wave and broke up in 1987 or 1988. Unfortunately, the "punk" Neurotic is very very rare, because the band didn't make demo.... I found 2 song from their punk-era, and you can find their popular song Nulladal (meaning:Zerosong) in ETA demo 1982(

01.Kurva Kata balladája(Ballad of Bitch Kate) maybe 1982...
02.Unknown song from 1981 (maybe song "SPG" )



Sunday, 24 May 2009

Balaton-31.10. 1981-Concert in "Közgáz"

Balaton is a great lake in Hungary and the name of the melancholy Hungarian new wave/underground band. The band founded in 1979. Their lyrics is intellectual and their music is melancholy. It is a bootleg from New Wave Festival from Economic University in 1981. Good quality, good music, enjoy!


01.Levert vagy (You are depressed)
02.Most tényleg félek Rock'n' Roll (Now i'm afraid from Rock and roll)
04.Bizonytalan randevú (Uncertain appointment)
05.Valld be (give confess)
06.Neonvirágos éj (Neonflower night)
07.Nem a saját nevem (It's not my name)


Saturday, 23 May 2009

Invázió 84

Invázió 84 (meaning: Invasion) was a angry teenage punk band in Hungary in 1982. This tape is a live tape. Enjoy!

01.Dolgozz és zabálj! (Work and Eat!)
02.Előre a pusztulásba (Go to the destruction)
03....(Expolited cover)
04.Kommunista Szombat(Communist Saturday)
05.Utállak téged (I hate you)
06.John Lennon, hülye vagy(John Lennon, you are a stupid)
07.Segíts nekem(Help me)
09.New punks
10.Munkásoké a jövö(Worker's the future)


Friday, 22 May 2009

Spions-Russian way of life/Total Czecho-Slovakia SP 1979

Spions was direct and intellectual and primitive and rough and sensitive and uncomposition and.... so, Spions was a first punkband in Hungary, founded in 1977 or 1978.
Initial period, the Spions sang in Hungarian but later, the bandsinger started sang in English. The Hungarian secret police often molested the band, because the Spions lyrics was very angry and provocative and critical....
In 1978, the bandmembers deserted to France, and they released this SP and EP(The Party) in 1980. Later, the band broke up...

01.Russian way of life
02.Total Czecho-Slovakia


Xerox-some songs from early 80s

Xerox was a very unknown intellectual punk/new wave band in Hungary. They were absolute amateur, they couldn't played... rather the singer wrote poetry. Their music is unenjoyable, but it is also very interesting!

01.VHK(...for Galopping Coroners)
02.Cukrászdai öreglányok(Old ladies in café)
03.Sokk (Shock)
04.Fuck it Rolls (Rolls was a popular new wave band in Hungary)
05.Az orvos válaszol(The doctor answer)
06.Loranne Peace is dead


Sock-some songs from 1981

Sock was a one of the first punkband in Hungary in 1981. However, they music is not so punk, it was similar to punk. These tracks are not so good quality, and the Sock music is nervous... but very interesting!

01.Kimarja a szemed(corrode your eyes)
02.Tűnj el! (Get out!)
03.Félek (I'm afraid)


Thursday, 21 May 2009

CPg-demotape 1983

CPg(meaning Come on Punk group, later Coitus Punk Group) was a legendary Hungarian punk band. The band founded in Szeged(large city in Southern Hungary) in 1979. In 1981, the band moved to Budapest. In 1983, the band went to the prison for his anti-government lyrics...

01.Hosszúhajú gyerekek(Boys with long hair)
02.A Hard-rock már nem él (Hard-rock is died)
03.Pekinska patka("Poderimo rock" cover)
04.Mindenki tetű az MNK-ban (Everybody is louse in People's Republic of Hungary)
05.Báb vagy (You are the puppet)
06.Mindennek Te vagy az oka! (You are the reason of everything!)
07.Anarchiát! (I want to Anarchy!)
08.Áll egy ifjú élmunkás a téren
09.Primitív bunkó(Primitive knob)
10.Mindent megeszünk(We eat everything)
11.Erdős Péter(He was a director of State Record Company)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Agydaganat(In English:Brain Tumour) was a working class punk band in 1982 from Hungary.
The band lyrics was very very critical and provocative.The singer often told in concerts: "Fall in!! I want to see your fucking faces!!" The singer was a Hungarian Rotten, i think. In their concerts, they often trample under foot paper-dove of peaces... And once in concert, the bandmembers are set fire to soviet flag.Supposedly, the concert organizer said: "Come on boys! come on!! Do it! It's doesn't matter, me already anyway kick out...."
Their some songs there are a bit new wave. The band played "New Wave Festival" in 1982 in Balatonfüred, and the bandmembers are deserted to Austria.
It was a good band, listen it!

01.Értéktöbblet-elmélet(Surplus value theory)
02.A mi osztályunk (We class)
03.Világosíts fel! (Inform me!)
04.Punk mozgalmi induló(Punk movement march)
05.Bomba(The Bomb)
06.Tanító néni(Teacher)
07.Dolgoztál megint a semmiért (You worked unnecessary)
08.Főzőcske, de okosan (Clever cooking)
09.Újhullámos állat(Fucking new wave)

Tracks 01-05:New wave festival in Balatonfüred 07. 08. 1982
Tracks 06-09:Unknown concert in 1982

Modells-demo 1982

Modells was a teenage punk/new wave band around 1982 in Hungary.
They formed in 1981 and in 1982 they made once demo, and in 1983, the band broke up.
Their lyrics is not so political, their lyrics speak about youth problems...

These 4 songs were recorded live in a film studio, spring or summer, 1982 (secretly of course, because the punk rock was forbidden in the communist régime).
No more, only one take was available, so sometimes the musicians are not really ok.

Anyway this is an extremly rare record, restored from an old cassette tape.

2.Befejezetlen gondolat(Unfinished idea)
3.Nem én voltam(I wasn't...)