Monday 23 August 2010

Nihil-demo 198x or 1990 (?)

I know two Nihil (Nihilism) band. The first Nihil started in 1982, and it was a simple punk/new wave band to former Lavina's singer, Attila Nagy. But unfortunately, i have no any recording from this band.
But these two band are not same.
But the second Nihil was a one of the first Hungarian dark-wave band next to early F.O. System. Formed late 80s, and broke up early 90s. Here's their first demo. Great stuff with great lyrics and a bit punk influenced music.



02.Végezz magaddal (Kill yourself)
03.Kelet-Nyugat (East-West)
04.Nihil (Nihilism)
06.Dúl a harc (The battle is rage)
07.Kiskutya (Little dog)
08.Ez itt a város (Here is the town)
09.Nevettséges glóriák (Funny glory)


Sunday 15 August 2010

VHK-early recordings and more...

The "summer hole" is end, now here's my new upload from the cool Hungarian pre-punk band, Galloping Coroners!
Here's some old VHK (Galloping Coroners) bootlegs from 1981-1984. Good stuffs, you can download more early Galloping Coroners recordings from their official site:

And you can find another VHK stuffs from this blog:

So, my new upload there are six early recordings.


01. 10.03.1981

02. 31.12.1981

03. 29.03.1982

04. 30.04.1982

05. 30.10.1983

06. 20.03.1984



Tuesday 3 August 2010


Hi, short pause because of holiday. Hold on!