Sunday, 12 June 2011

SEXEPIL-Egyesült Álmok LP 1988

Sexepil is the very important Hungarian post-punk/new wave band, you can download another recordings from this band in here .
Here is the first Sexepil LP from 1988, called: United Sates . This is my favorite Hungarian underground recording from end of 80s. Enjoy this fantastic post-punk record!


01.Éhség (Hunger)
02.Gyerünk! (Let's go!)
04.What Do You Say?
05.Egy a világ (One world)
06.Igazi zöld, igazi kék (Sunday good, Monday blue)
07.Nem baj (It doesn't matter)
08.Veszélyes terület (Dangerous territory)
09.Üres lapok (Empty pages)
10.Ének a sötétben (Sing in the dark)