Sunday 27 June 2010

QSS-rehearsalroomtape 1983

It's a very rare recording from QSS. The band formed in 1981 with another singer, György Papp. Till now i never listened any recording from this earliest line-up. But now! Here is it! One of cool guy sent me this early QSS rehearsalroomtape! First time, we didn't know what is this, we thought that, it's a early Neurotic demo, but no, we mistaken.
This demo is absolutely fantastic punk stuff from 1983, fast punk with aggressive music and good lyrics! Quality is not so good, but who cares? If you listen this great rehearsalroomtape, you can think that you are in 1983 not in 2010... ! Some songs from this demo appeared in Lucile Chaufour's movie, "Les rales des genets".



02.Kommunista kábító (Drug of Communist)
04.Komár, a kurva anyád (Komár fuck off!)
05.Kispolgárok (Middle-Classes)
06.Lebombázom (I will bomb out)
07.Eins, Zwei...
08.Jönnek a vörösök (The Red Army is coming)


Rolls/Backing Group Live 10.10.1981

Here's the early live bootleg from Rolls Frakció and Backing Group. You can listen punk influence Backing Group's music and early Rolls. You know, i already told you, early Rolls recording are not so good. Yes, it's true. In this bootleg next to their punk/new wave songs, Rolls played some blues(!) songs with one of famous Hungarian rock/blues singer, Deák-Bill, and Ramones mixture with Backing Group singer and they played their shit early rock songs in end of the concert.
Good quality and very rare recording. Enjoy!


Backing Group

02.Szignál/Jazz/Ki csinál szódát? (Signal/Jazz/Who makes soda?)
03.Szőke punk lány (Blondie punk girl)
04.Civilizáció (Civilization)
05.Miért félsz? (Why are you afraid?)
06.Elhervadt a sárga rózsa (The yellow rose was fade away)
07.Nem bírom a gyűrődést (I can't take it)
08.Szóló (Solo)
09.Nem vagyok én apáca (I'm not a nun)
10.Zártosztály (Mental hospital)
11.Improvizáció (Improvisation)
12.Daddy cool

Rolls Frakció

01.Rolls intro music
02.Belvárosi üvegház (Central skyscraper)
03.Robbantgatunk, rabolgatunk (We just damage and we just rob)
04.Fejezetek (Diary of schoolboy)
05.Csárdás (Csardas)
06.Jólét (Wealth)
07.Feladat (Task)
08.Hétköznapi tégla (Daily spy)
09.Villamos (Tram)
10.Budapest felett (Budapest over)
11. 3.20. Blues (Blues of 3.20. am) with Deák Bill
12.Kőbánya blues (Blues of Kőbánya) with Deák Bill
13.Johnny B. Good with Deák Bill
15.Ramones mixture
16.Már megtanultam rég (I already learnt formerly)
17.Red Houses

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Sunday 13 June 2010

Herpesz-demo 1984 or 1985

Herpesz (Herpes) was a one of the great Hungarian synth-punk/new wave band. The band played in "Balatonszemes rockcamp 1984", made this demo what there are just 2 songs, and... sorry i don't know other information about this fantastic band.


01.Kórház (Hospital)
02.Olimpikon vagyok (I'm the Olympic athlete)


And i shared this Herpesz video from Youtube about "Balatonszemes rockcamp" 1984. Enjoy!

Sunday 6 June 2010

88-as Csoport-Live 27.06.1986. PECSA

Here's a 88-as Csoport (Group of 88) concert from 1986. There are just 8 songs, but great quality.



02.Betondzsungel (Concrete Jungle)
03.Kiáltsd hogy Oi! (Shout the Oi!)
04.Anarchista Terrorista (Anarchist terrorist)
05.10 millió idegen arc (Ten million foreign faces)
06.Mindennek vége (Everything is end)
07.Ha egy pisztolyt kaphatnék (If i get a pistol)
08.Minden oké (Everything is okay)


Friday 4 June 2010

Európa Kiadó-Live in Amsterdam 1987

For a long time i already uploaded just punk on my blog, but now, here's a bit new wave from a cool and strange band, Európa Kiadó.

In 1987, Waszlavik Gazember László, VHK (Galloping Coroners) and Európa Kiadó played in Amsterdam, in Melkweg Club in the course of the performance "Budapest Explosion".

Here is the Európa Kiadó recording. Unfortunately, there are 6 songs...


01.Toporzékolok (I'm angry)
02.Európa Kiadó (European Publishing House)
03.Ujjlenyomatok (Fingerprints)
04.Minden eltörölve (Everything is efface)
05.33 nevem volt (I had 33 names)
06.Megalázó durva szerelem (Degrading rough love)


Sorry, i have no picture about this concert.

Wednesday 2 June 2010

US DALLARD-rehearsalroomtape 1986

US DALLARD (sometimes U.S. DALLARD) was a punk/new wave band from Budapest between 1984-1986. Their music was exacting and they played Stranglers influenced music (the band often played some Stranglers songs too, e.g. Hanging Around, English Towns, 5 minutes). They also appeared in Total 85 punkfestival, in Paks. I don't know anymore about this band.

Here's their only demotape from 1986 without tracklist and average lyrics. Quality is not too good, you can listen US DALLARD's Hanging Around in last song of demotape!