Saturday, 24 July 2010

Koordináció B - demo 1984

Koordináció B (B Coordination) was a one of the cool Hungarian punkband from the former big industrial city, Miskolc. The band formed in 1982, but their first name was Ideges Dögevők (meaning in English: Nervous carrion eaters ), but this formation was spit up in 1983. The new formation changed the band name to Koordináció B.
This demo made in 1984, very good quality, there are 10 excellent punk songs with good lyrics and primitive, but effective and aggressive music. Their lyrics there are : vision of nuclear war, depression, empty life, word-pain...ecc. So, it's a one of the Hungarian punk stuff!

If you want to read more about this band, here is a MUSICCOMMUNICATION blog. It's also good blog about the Hungarian music, and here is a good article about Koordináció B with lyrics and band-history:


01. Boldogságomnak csak egy a híja (My happiness lack of one)
02.Nyas'gem! (Fuck off)
03.Szabad ország (Free country)
04.Ez a világ (This world)
05.Válság (Crisis)
06.Korlátlan pszichikai terror (Absolute psychic terror)
07.Ki az aki provokál? (Who provocate me?)
08.Nem baj (It's not trouble)
09.Pisztolynak nézem a villát (I see the pistol to fork)
10.Ez a kényszer nem kell (This compulsion not need me)



Monday, 19 July 2010

Torma - funny and forgotten synth from early 80s

Torma (meaning in English maybe: Horse-radish) was not punk, it was a funny one-man Hungarian new wave/synth stuff in early 80s. But Torma is a very forgotten band in Hungary, Torma didn't released albums or singles, but in 1983 the band appeared in "official" new wave sampler (the name of the sampler: 1.2..3... Start Új Hullám) with only Torma's "hit" song: "Dalolj!" (in English: "Sing!") and later, the band split up. But the band started again in early 90s and released 2 albums , made some concerts and split up again. Here's their first album from 1992 with original 80s Torma's songs! Good quality, early 80s Trio influenced music with funny and very very simple lyrics.

Vérnarancsvirág (Blood-Orange Flower) album tracklist:

01.Mosolyalbum (Smile-album)
02.Sár (Mud)
03.Entellektüel (Intellectual)
04.Vérnarancsvirág (Blood-Orange Flower)
06.Szappan (Soap)
07.Tulipános Fan-Fan (Tulip Fan-Fan)
08.Japán kislány (Japanese girl)
09.Masiniszta (Engine-driver)
10.Chew Chew Boy
11.Nukleáris szerelem (Nuclear love)
12.Vén magyar hegy (Old Hungarian Mountain)


13. Dalolj! (Sing!)


Friday, 16 July 2010

Modells-rehearsalroomtape 1982

Modells - one of my favorite Hungarian punkband, and (i think) they were the one of the best Hungarian punkband in early 80s. They formed in 1981 and split up in 1982. Exacting music with good lyrics.
Here's their rare rehearsalroom recordings from 1982. Not so good quality, and i think, not so exciting demo, because they played same songs, but you can listen some unknown Modells songs and Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks cover songs.


01.Bűnhődés (Punishment)
02.Propaganda (Propaganda)
03.Unknown song
04.Nem én voltam (I wasn't...)
05.Bűnhődés (Punishment)
06.Propaganda (Propaganda)
07.Nem én voltam (I wasn't...)
08.Befejezetlen gondolat (Unfinished idea)
09.Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols cover)
10.Méltóságomon alulinak tartom (I think it beneath one's dignity to...)
11.Punk 'n' roll
12.Vak vagyok (I am blind)
13.Harmony in my head (Buzzcocks cover)