Saturday, 28 May 2011

Depeche Mode-First concert in Hungary, Budapest 23.07.1985. (rare bootleg)

I'm not a big Depeche Mode fan, but i don't want to lie, their early LPs are very good new wave stuffs!
English synthpop band came to Hungary first in summer 1985. It was the Some Great Reward world tour. They didn't want to came to Budapest, they want to go to East-Berlin, but the eastgermans didn't allowed their concert in GDR.
At this time, their were no a big and fanatic Hungarian fans, therefore the bandmembers were a a very immediate with Hungarian youths.
Depeche Mode played in "Volán-pálya", they spent one day in Budapest, and they lived in Hotel Hyatt. After 1985, Depeche Mode came again to Budapest just in 1988.
This rare bootleg is good, the tones is good quality! Enjoy!


01.Intro+Something to do
02.Two Minutes Warning
04.If You Want
05.People Are People
06.Leave in Silence
07.New Life
10.Shake the Disease
11.Lie to Me
12.Blasphemous Rumours
13.Told You So
14.Master and Servant
16.Everything Counts
17.See You
19.Just Can't Get Enough
20.Happy Birthday Martin Gore!