Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Boy and the Boy and another Szeged new wave

If you downloaded the previous upload, you had to listen two recordings from this band.This band founded in 1984 but i don't know too much about this demo. Maybe made in 1984...
Boy and the Boy was the music project of Ferenc Gallai (BOY). He was the one of the cult figure of Szeged underground life in the 80s.
Great demo, it is not punk, it is a bit TRIO influenced new wave. This demo have a very eclectic style, there are cool new wave songs, but you can listen some slowly acustic songs too!

You can't download this demo here, but you can download some early Szeged punk/new wave recordings from Ferenc Gallai's website. It's a new site, where you can find Nagyfröccs and Zártosztály demos!!

Here's the website: and

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Invázió 84-demo 1982

Here's another stuff from punkband Invázió 84. I think, this stuff is a rehearsalroom recording, maybe made in 1982 or 1983. There are 3 songs, great quality, fast and angry music. Enjoy!


01.Dolgozz és zabálj (Work and Eat!)
02.Kommunista szombat (Communist saturday)
03.New punks


Thursday, 8 April 2010

"Sublimation and Elimination" sampler

This sampler represent 80s and early 90s Szeged punk/new wave/underground bands. Szeged was a very productive place in 80s. Not just CPg - or CPg but another bands too. In this sampler, you can get know some unknown Szeged punk/new wave bands, for example:
Nagyfröccs (meaning: Wine and Soda), Zártosztály (Mental Hospital), Boy and the Boy and lot of another bands.


01.CPg:Túlpart (Otherside) 1980
02.Nagyfröccs: Nem vagyok én antikrisztus (I'm not a antichrist) 1981
03.Nagyfröccs: Nem adom fel (I don't give up) 1981
04.Zártosztály: Most engedtek szabadlábra (Now, i'm went out from the mental hospital) 1983
05.Zártosztály: Púder maca (Powder whore) 1983
06.Boy and the boy: Dekadencia (Decadence) 1984
07.Boy and the boy: Rossz fiúk (Bad boys) 1984
08.88-as csoport: Randevú (Rendezvous) 1984
09.88-as csoport: Propaganda 1984
10.88-as csoport: Minden oké (Everything is okay) 1989
11.88-as csoport: Kubai nők (Kuban women) 1989
12.Boldog idők: Nagy buli (Big party) 1985-1986
13.Boldog idők: Vörös katona (Soviet soldier) 1985-1986
14.Reficul: Ez nem a napos oldal (It's not the sunny side) 1988
15.Hungarian dracula: The night is stronger 1989
16.Hungarian dracula: Buszmegálló (Bus-station) 1989
17.Koyanisquatzi:Függtem tudom (I know, i'm a depend on somebody)1989
18.Koyanisquatzi: Végtelen (Endless) 1989
19.Variola:Hangodat nem hallom (I don't listen your voice) 1990
20.Lautrec:The Unfathomable Origin 1993-1994
21.Lautrec:Species Falsa 1993-1994
22.Metanoia:Megnevezetlen (It's unnameable) 1994


In the picture: band Zártosztály (Mental Hospital) ca. 1983

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A bit commercial/short message: MUSIC COMMUNICATION

Here's a new Hungarian blog about music! the name of the blog: MUSIC COMMUNICATION! About not just punk topics, not heterogeneous.
At first, you can read lot of Marina Revue lyrics on the blog!

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