Tuesday 29 December 2009


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I don't upload new article on my blog in last days but i will write new post in January.
Happy new year to all!

Probable new post in January 2010:
  • Boldog Idők (meaning: Happy Times) tape from 1985 (with 12 tracks, great quality)
  • Z.E.F.-demotape 1984

Monday 28 December 2009

QQRIQ- live 1982

QQRIQ - one of the first punkband in Hungarian countryside. Formed in 1982 and broke up maybe in early 1983, i don't know exactly. One of cool guy sent me this rare recording before Christmas.

I think, it's not too good tape,with very unusual tones and with bad quality but maybe if you interested in early Hungarian punk music, i think, you will like it! This tape there are 2 concert: first QQRIQ gig (when the Bikini played after QQRIQ) and the second concert is unknown for me.
No tracks, uncut version.


Friday 25 December 2009

Pink Panthers-Live 1987

Pink Panthers was a punk band from Hungarian countryside. Formed in 1985, but then the bandname was K.U.K. (Kaiser Und König) but later, they changed the bandname. Pink Panthers played totally scandal band with very aggressive, angry and vulgar lyrics. This concert tape is their only band recording, recorded in 1987 but released in 2003.
I think the band played Mosoi and anti-communist and anti-gypsy songs in their concerts.


01.Nem arra születtem (I didn't born it)
02.Kurva anyját minden híres embernek (Fuck off all famous people)
03.Heroin (Heroine)
04.Népdal (Folk-song)
05.Szeretlek, imádlak (I love you, i like you)
07.Nem tudok élni nélküled (I can't live without you)
08.Végrehajtjuk mindenáron (We will carry out at any price)
09.Mindenki (Everybody)
10.Megdöglesz (You will die)
11.Keletről nincs visszaút (No return from East)
12.Elvégeztem a küldetésem (I finished my mission)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?tiziodywdmk 

Sunday 20 December 2009

F.O. System-s/t 1990

F.O. System (meaning: Fuck Off System) was a legendary Hungarian new wave/dark wave band between 1986-1991. F.O. System would be a cult band, they played with New Model Army and with Christian Death in West Germany and in West-Berlin.
Here's there once tape, made in 1990. Great depressed lyrics and tones. Enjoy!


01.Nézz rám (Look at me)
02.Hiába minden (All is in vain)
03.Utolsó üvoltés (The last howl)
04.Talán (Maybe)
05.Lebegés (Floating)
06.Még (Still)
07.Ne félj (Don't afraid)
08.Engedj el (Set me free)
09.Öngyilkos vágyak (Suicide desires)
10.Hold (Moon)
11.Ne gondolj rám (Don't think me)
12.Miért? (Why?)
13.Őrült világ (Crazy world)
14.Ha eljön az idő (If the time is here)
15.Túl közel (Too nearly)


Saturday 19 December 2009


RDF - one of the unknown Hungarian punkband from early 80s. These recordings there are some bad quality demo songs and live songs. Typical early punk demo with bad quality, aggressive lyrics with visions of 3rd world war or nuclear war. Sorry, but i couldn't find picture about the band.


01.Patkányok (Rats)
02.Fegyverkező állatok (Military preparation animals)
03.Sajnálni nem tudlak (I can't feel sorry for you)
04.Patkányok (Rats-live)
05.Hol van a dicső múlt (Where is the great past?-live)
06.Ellenséges gépek (Enemy airplains-live)


Sunday 13 December 2009

Beatrice-Last concert in 30.07.1981

Beatrice was a legendary Hungarian rock-punk band, formed in 1974, but in the initial period, they played disco music, but it was a another band. Disco Beatrice broke up in 1976 and the band changed music-style. They started rock and later (maybe in 1978-1979), they started punk influenced music. They often played Ramones songs during the concerts but in Hungarian! At this time, already they were a banned band in Hungary because of their provocative lyrics.
In 1980-1981 the band already played punk/new wave influenced songs, but they never would be a really punk/new wave band, but the Beatrice was a absolutely important band in Hungarian punk history. I think, they were a pre-punk band. Because of the banned, the Beatrice broke up in late 1981. The singer, Feró Nagy later played a lot of Hungarian punk/underground band, e.g. Backing Group, Csiga Biga, Bikini. In the late 80s, the Beatrice was reformed and after the peaceful revolution, the band released lot of new albums. The band play nowadays too, but is not a same band...


01.Minek él az olyan (What live that kind of...)
02.Civilizáció (Civilization)
03.Besült a mutatvány (The show is out of order)
04.Punk szerelmi líra (Punk love lyric poetry)
05.Viszlát (Good bye!)
06.Túl az Óperencián (Across the Óperencia)
07.Topis zenész (Poor musician)
08.Szóló (Guitarsolo)
09.Nem nekem tanulsz (You don't learn me-You learn yourself)
10.Katicabogárka (
11.Nagyvárosi farkas (Urban wolf)
12.Sánta Mária (Lame Mary)
13.Itt a tavasz (The spring is here)
14.Meditáció II. (Meditation II.)
15.Nem kell (Not need)
16.Közjáték (Public toys)
17.Topis bluz (Poor blues)
18.Bécsi csók (Vienna kiss)
19.Üzenetek II. (Messages II.)
20.Éljen, Éljen, Hurrá! (Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!)
21.Kifakult sztár (Grew star)


Friday 27 November 2009

Punk concert in club Mozaik 18.02.1983

In february 1983 six punk bands played in club Mozaik. These bands are: Kretens, Mosoi,BTK, CPg, Elhárítás, T34. It was a scandalous gig, because later Mosoi and CPg went to prison because of their lyrics.
Some information about the bands:

Kretens: I already wrote about Kretens. Formed in 1981 and in initial period (until 1983) they played non-commercial punk music, they were angry and anti-social. But after the gig, members of Kretens got a censure.They changed, and their music would be boring....


01.Induló (March)
02.Bürokraták (Bureaucrats)
03.Annyira fáj (It's very hurt me)
04.Üstben végzed az életed (You will dead in the pot)
05.Kripta ( Crypt)
06.5000 Ft-os ember (5000 HUF people)
07.Harmadik vétek (3rd sin)
08.Képmutató világ (Hypocritical world)
09.Százados elvtárs (Captain Comrade)
10.Neutron bomba-rumba (Neutron bomb-rumba)
11.Sárga veszedelem (Chinese danger)
12.Bobby Sands
13.Kinek kell ez? (Who care it?)
14.Csak ölsz (You just kill)
15.Előre vörösök (Soviets go on!)
16.Induló (March-reprise)


Mosoi: Maybe formed in late 1982 or in early 1983. Mosoi was a first skinhead band in Hungary, and they had one gig and the bandmembers went to prison. Mosoi lyrics was very very hard, angry and anti-social at this time. Some lyrics was racist. Not so friendly music, but very interesting. They sang about immigrants, gipsys, knob policemans and spoke about Ceausescu's Romania. I hope nobody is angry me because of this upload.


17. Bevándorlók bére (
Immigrants pay)
18.Cigánymentes övezet (Anti-gipsy area)
19. Rendőrdal (Policeman song)
20.Románia (Romania)
21.Skinhead-induló (Skinhead-march)


CPg: I already wrote about this band, therefore i don't want to write a lot. CPg band-history
very well-known.


22.Bu Bu
23.Ezredes (Colonel)
24.Hosszúhajú gyerekek (Long hair boys)
25.Mindenki tetű az MNK-ban (Everybody is louse in People's Republic of Hungary
26. Párbaj (Duel)
27.Primitív bunkó (Primitive knob)
28.Erdős Péter (Péter Erdős)
29.Áll egy ifjú élmunkás a réten (Young worker stand on the field)
30.Mindent megeszünk (We eat everything)
31.A berlini fal (Berlin wall)
32.Meghalt a cselszövö (Schemer was dead)
33.Anarchia (Anarchy)
34.Atombomba (Atomic bomb)
36.Mindennek te vagy az oka (You are the reason of everything)

T-34 : One of the very interesting Hungarian punkband, formed in 1981 and broke up in 1983.
I don't know a lot about T34, just a little: the singer, called him "Horthy"
(Miklós Horthy was a governing in Hungary between 1919-1944)
and he was very nervous and aggressive. "Horthy" deserted to West
after 1983, and he would be a Swiss neonazi...
We can call him to the Hungarian pre-skinhead.
I have 4 songs from band, maybe from this concert.


01.Erekció (Erection)
02.Kispolgári anarchia (Middle-class anarchy)
03.Pulóver (Pullover-"Long hair, little brain, unfashionable mob")
04.Amerika, köszönjük!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ty22mitwmhh

Elhárítás and BTK : I uploaded these recordings on my blog, you can download, if you interested in.


Wednesday 18 November 2009

Sex-E-Pil live in Club Ráday 28.10. 1985

Sex-E-Pil was a cult Hungarian new wave/underground band, formed in 1982 when the legendary Hungarian punkband, ETA broke up. In initial period, they played Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd songs (look at their name: Sex Pistols+PIL=SEX-E- PIL). Since 1984, the band often played in Club Ráday and other cult underground places.
In 1989, they released their first LP, the name of the LP: Egyesült Álmok (in english: United Dreams) and and later they released lot of cassettes and albums. I think, the band play nowadays too!

I uploaded one of their concert in Club Ráday. Good quality and good tones!


01.I love Budapest
02.Real good time (Lou Reed)
03.What do you say?
04.Rotten armen fraktion
05.Zombies go for Manhattan
06.Értsd meg szívem (Understand it, my darling)
07.Várj még (Still wait)
08.A tested (Your body)
09.Nyáron éjjel (In summer, at night)
10.Apám japán (My father is a Japanese)
11.A tükrön túl (Beyond the mirror)
12.Az ügynök (The agent)
13.Semmi az egész (All the same)
14.Oh darling
15.Vámpírok bálja (Party to the Vampires)
16.Ne sírj (Don't cry)
17.Zéta bolygó (Planet Zeta)
18.Gyilkos támad (The killer is attack)


Európa Kiadó- Concert Gödöllő, 1983

Here's one of the live recording from cult Hungarian new wave/underground band, Európa Kiadó.
This recording made in 1983 at Gödöllő (city near to Budapest). Very great recording with absolutely good quality! Unfortunately, i couldn't find good picture about the band...


01.Európa Kiadó (European publisher)
02.Megalázó szerelem (Degrading love)
03.Átvezetés (Pass through)
04.33 nevem volt (I had 33 name)
05.M. avagy egy város... (M. the city...)
06.Fiatal magyarok/Nem vagy olyan jó (Young Hungarians/ You are no good)
07.Rendőrlány (Police-girl)
08.Várna (Varna)
09.Mocskos idők (Dirty times)
10.Szabadíts meg... (Give me free)
11.Igazi hős (Real hero)
12.Jó lesz (It will be good)


Monday 9 November 2009

BTK-live and demos 1983

BTK was a one of the first Hungarian electro-punk band, formed in 1982 or 1983. They played D.A.F. (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft -famous electro/NDW band from Düsseldorf in the early 80s) influenced music(they often played D.A.F.'s famous song Der Mussolini.
BTK played unusual music in this time, because electro music was not too liked music style in Hungary.

Here's their few songs:

01.Vágyak (Desires)
02.Avandgárd (Avantgard)
03.Depresszió (Depression)
04.Der Mussolini (D.A.F. cover)
06.Orosz tél (Russian winter)
07.Telefon (Telephone)
08.Vágyak (Desires)

Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/hmmycz5ioue/btk - koncertek '83.zip

Művirág-demo 1983

Művirág (meaning: Plastic flower) was a Hungarian underground/new wave band from 1983. I don't know anymore about this band. Here's their only demotape from 1983. Quality is very good, but no titles....

Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/duzmhmeyyqw/Művirág - demo 1983.zip

Friday 6 November 2009

Rolls Frakció-12. 11. 1981

It's a very interesting recording from band Rolls Frakció (Rolls Fraction). Rolls founded in 1979, but in initial period, they played boring hard-rock music. Released a half-7" (Már megtanultam rég-I already learnt it formerly) and the band changed music style. PUNK and NEW WAVE came in Hungary between 1980-1981 therefore Rolls changed. It was a succesful change because hard rock was dead in
Hungary in early 80s. After this, the band played Police and Sex Pistols influence new wave music with very critical lyrics. Rolls would be a famous new wave band in Hungary between 1981-1983.
So this concert recording is "mixture". Rolls already play their famous punk/new wave songs but still they play their boring hard-rock songs too!! But some month ago, they left these hard-rock songs. Fortunately....


02. Belvárosi üvegház (Central skyscraper)
03. Robbangatunk, rabolgatunk (We just damage and we just rob)
04.Fejezetek egy iskolás gyermek naplójából (Diary of schoolboy)
05.Mérgeskígyó (Poison snake)
06.Budapest felett (Budapest over)
07.Jólét (Wealth)
08.Lombikbébi (Lombic-baby)
09.Hétköznapi tégla (Daily spy)
10.Szabad vagyok (I'm free)
11.Adj egy jelvényt (Give me a badge)
12.Bérház (Apartment house)
13.Már megtanultam rég (I already learnt it formerly)

Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/moi1fmmohtm/Rolls Frakció-Rolls (1981. BIP).zip

the "hard-rock" Rolls in 1979 with long hair and torn clothes...

Friday 30 October 2009

Balaton-Concert in Neurotic festival 23. 05. 1982

Neurotic festival was a punk/new wave concert in Ikarusz club in Budapest, 1982. Some Hungarian punk/new wave band played in this festival who were famous at that time. There are: Neurotic, Kontroll Csoport, ETA, Európa Kiadó, Citrom, and Balaton.
Now i uploaded Balaton concert. I don't like this band till now but this concert recording is awesome! They played sadly music with sadly and intellectual lyrics. Great concert recording with good quality! Enjoy!


01. Tangó (Tango)
02. Levert vagy (You are depressed)
03. Párduc (Panther)
04.Itt van pedig senki se hívta (He is here but nobody called him)
05.Most tényleg félek (Now i'm afraid)
06.Valld be (Give confess)
07.Nekem se jó (It's neither good for me)
08.Neonvirágos éj (Neonflower night)
09.Mindig egyedül (Always lonely)
10. Perzsaszőnyeg (Persian carpit)
11.Felejthetetlen (It's unforgettable)

Friday 23 October 2009

URH-Last concert 29. 03. 1981

URH was a short lived punk/new wave band, formed in September 1980 and broke up March 1981. They just played half
year but URH would be a cult Hungarian punk/new wave band.
Here's last URH concert from 1981. It's a great recording with not so bad quality!


01.Van-e élet a földön? (Is there a life on the Earth?)
02.Közel-Kelet (Middle-East)
03.Keleten a helyzet változatlan (That's right/The situation is unchanged in East)
04.Kék fény (Blue Light)
05.Ez már rég nem rock and roll/Pokoli aranykor (It's already not rock and roll/Hellish golden age)
07.2000 apró démon (2000 little demon)
08.Ismeretlen Katona (Unknown soldier)
09.Kísérleti állat (Experimental animal)
10.Észak Jemen /Katt (North Yemen/Khat)
11.Ujjlenyomatok (Fingerprints)
12.Szavazz rám (Vote me!)
14.Ki akarja nyírni a doktor (Doctor want to kill the rock and roll)
15.Agyamban kopasz cenzor ül (Bald censor sit in my brain)
16.Nagy Testvér (Big brother)
17.Bon Si Bon
18.Vigyetek el (Take along me!)
19.Eltemetünk Bye Bye! (We bury you bye bye!)

Sunday 18 October 2009

Kontroll Csoport-Mi jut eszedbe az énekesnőről? 1981

Here's rare Kontroll Csoport (Control Group) demo, meaning: "What your opinion about singer?" When the cult earlier Hungarian punk/new wave band, URH broke up in 1981, the URH singer, Péter Müller joined in Kontroll Csoport. So, it was a not really demotape, it was a soundtrack of Péter Müller college movie. Nevertheless, this tape there are very good quality and there are cool songs!


01.Jól van jól (That's right/The situation is unchanged in East)
03.Nem akarom elvenni a kedvedet (I don't want to spoil your's humour)
04.Polak-Wenger (Polish-Hungarian...)
05.Mik ezek a csúnya foltok? (What is that ugly blotches?)
07.Lilli Kommandó (Lilli Commando)
08.Holdfényes májusok (Moonlight Mays)
09.Halálos szerelem( Deadly love)
10.A rock and roll egy állat (The rock and roll is a animal-instrumental)

Saturday 10 October 2009

Sikátor-demotape 1982

Sikátor(in English:Alley) was a cult post-punk/new wave from Hungary. They formed in 1980 with other name. They played in first NEW WAVE FESTIVAL in 1982 and they released a great demo in 1982. In 1983, they played on VA-1.2..3...Start sampler in 1983 and the band broke up.
Here's their great demo from 1982 and other Sikátor songs. Enjoy!

Csak+Sikátor demo 1982


01.Peronszpóra (Peronospora)
02.Demagóg (Demagogue)
03.Unknown song
04.Nekem mindegy (It's all the same for me)
05.Unknown song
06.Unknown song
07.Unknown song
08.Nevetségessé (Make ridiculous)

Other songs:
01.Nézz rám, én lehánytam magam (Look at me, i vomit on myself)
02.A demagóg (The demagogue)
03.Nekem mindegy (It's all the same for me)
04.Üss meg! (Hit me!)

Tuesday 6 October 2009

ETA-Live from 1982

Here's a rare gig from punkband ETA. I think this recordings made in 1982. It's a very interesting ETA concert for me because the band play lot of unknown songs. Quality is not so bad, the band played very energetic but i'm sadly, because still i don't understand their lot of lyrics...


01.Nyitány (Intro)
02.Absolutely punk
03.Nem kell hozzá...(It is not need)
04.Konzervatív vagy (You are conservative)
05.Telefon (Telephonenumbers)
06.Munkát! Kenyeret! (Work! Bread!)
07.Átéltem az éjszakát (I survived the night)
08.VHK (Ode for Galopping Coroners)
09.Prostituált vagyok (I'm a prostitute)
10.Zene (Music)
11.Űrdiszkó (Space-disco)
14.Kellemetlen (Unpleasant)
15.Anarchia (Anarchy)
16.Nulladal (Zero song)
17.Ilyen ez az esemény (This is the event)
18.Warhead (Ez az én világom->This is my world)
19.Kinyírom a szüleim (I kill my parents)
20.Rohadt spicli (Fucking spy)
21.Rákosi rock and roll

Saturday 3 October 2009

Lenin Körút-rehearsals 1986

Lenin Körút (in English:Lenin boulevard) was a punkband from 1986. They played pre-hardcore influenced songs with typical. I don't know a lot about this band.
Their demo there are very good quality and their lyrics speak about typical 80s pessimistic Hungarian feeling. This short demotape is great! Enjoy!


01.Ezredforduló (Turn of the millenium)
02.Állj ki! (Get up!)
03.Eljön még a korszakom (My time comes)
04.Alkohol (Alcohol)
05.A munka himnusza (Anthem of work)
06.Életem egy lázálom (My life is a nightmare)
07.Farkas (The wolf)
08.Rózsadombi villa (The Villa)


01.Olasz fagylalt (Italian icecream)
02.Ezredforduló (Turn of the millenium)
03.Áll ki+Eljön még az én időm (Get up! +My time comes)
04.Alkohol (Alcohol)
05.A munka himnusza (Anthem of work)
06.Olasz fagylalt (Italian icecream)
07.Ezredforduló (Turn of the millenium)


Saturday 26 September 2009

Elhárítás-some tracks from 1982

Here's this 3 songs from Elhárítás (in English: Averting). The band founded in 1981 from the bandmembers of Sock. This band is not too typical punkband, i think, they played VHK (Galloping Coroners) influenced music. Their songs are hard to digest.


01.Ember (People)
02.Miért? (Why?)
03.Elhárítás (Averting)

Saturday 19 September 2009

Kretens-Live in the Pecsa 1985

Kretens (meaning: Cretins) is a famous, but not too individual Hungarian punkband, formed in 1981 and they play nowadays too. I think, you will like this rare Kretens recordings but i don't like them.
They made a lot of demo during the 80s, and they played in West-Berlin and West-Germany. After change of regime, they played with UK.Subs and Henry Rollins.
This bootleg made in 1985 when the Kretens played in PECSA before 1500-2000 people.
Not too good bootleg, very poor quality but I think, you will like this rare Kretens recordings but i don't like them.

Official Kretens site: www.kretens.com

in last picture: Kretens in West-Berlin maybe 1989


01.A fal (The wall)
02.Nincs mese (there is no time)
03.Helyzetelemzés 1983 (Situation report 1983)
04.Bobby sands
05.Minden olyan szép (Everything is beautiful)
06.Várok még 1 (I still wait)
07.Várok még 2 (I still wait)
08.Beteg város (Sick city)
09.Szabad szájak (Free mouths)
10.Élet (Life)
11.Bye, Bye!
12.Gyilkosom (My murder)
13.Sötét felhők (Black clouds)
14.Hunok vagyunk (We are Huns)
15.Induló (March)
16.Állj meg! (Stop now!)
17.Felejtsd el (Forget it)

Friday 18 September 2009

NME on the Budapest scene (Western-European articles about Hungarian punk/new wave)

During the communist regime, the Eastern-European underground was a very fashionable, interesting and speciality in West. Some famous music magazine (NME, SPEX) informed about "punk behind the iron curtain". The New Musical Express journalist, Chris Bohn went to Hungary in 1981 and made some interview with URH, VHK, Beatrice, Spions.
Bohn said about URH: "URH music is the best I heard anywhere during my stay in Central Europe. "

Second article from 1982, about more Hungarian underground, punk, new wave bands, e.g: Agresszor, Kontroll Csoport, Citrom, Balaton, Neurotic and ETA.

Read and enjoy!

Sunday 6 September 2009


If you have interesting and rare punk or new wave musics i think we can exchange.Write on my e-mail address if you want.
Here's my Eastern European punklist with former Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian, Bulgarian, Soviet, and Polish punk/new wave musics!
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d95af63b7d44918aaf106f56014de6f25
And please, watch my wantlist!

Hey and if you like my blog, please advertise elsewhere too!

Thanx, cheers!


Saturday 5 September 2009

Human Telex-rehearsal

Human Telex was a unknown new wave/synth band in the middle 80s. This demo there are Tejbezrí and Human Telex songs because because these bands are one and the same.
After the broke up of Tejbezrí, the bandmembers started a new band. They first bandname was ZRÍ but it was too punky name to lot of people.
Human Telex was typical synth band with sadly lyrics and with here and there forced lyrics.

This demotape is very very rare! Good quality, enjoy!

01.A Kelet kapujában (In the gate of East)
02.Agyonvert gondolatok (Beat ideas)
03.Csak (Just)
04.Csend (The silence)
05.Deja Vu
06.Esős város ez a század (This century is a rainy city)
07.Kazán a nap (The sun is a boiler)
08.Kudarc (Failure)
09.Látszat (Appearance)
10.Letört darab (Broken piece)
11.Levert vagy (You are depressed)
12.Nélküled (Without you)
13.Tűzoltó utca (Tűzoltó street)
14.Szeressük egymást gyerekek (Love each other children)
15.Utolsó bevetés (The last action)
16.Vágy (The desire)


Lin2: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d95af63b7d44918aa8e091a0f34165915

Saturday 29 August 2009

Elit Osztag-demo 1987

Elite Osztag (In English: Elite Detachment) was a Hungarian punkband, formed in 1983 and i think they still play now.
Not too well-known punkband.

01.Dolgozz! (Work!)
02.Tűzijáték (Fireworks)
03.Gyilkosság (Murder)
04.Kék fény (Blue Lights)
05.Kispolgárok (Petty bourgeois)
06.Katonák a harcban (Soldiers in war)
07.Hollé (Ole)
09.Talpnyaló (Bootlicker)
10.Optimista (Optimist)
11.Testvériség-Egyenlőség (Brotherhood and Equality)
12.Szesztilalom(Prohibition of alcoholic drinks)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?t0nganu0woj

Európa Kiadó-Last Concert 30.12.1983.

Európa Kiadó (in English:European Edition) was a very popular underground/new wave band in Hungary in the 80s. When the cult band, URH broke up in 1981, the former URH guitarist, Jenő Menyhárt founded Európa Kiadó in 1981. But the first band period was not a too successful therefore the Európa Kiadó broke up in late 1983. I uploaded there farewell party in Ikarusz club.
But after 2 years, the band was remodelled and they released two album in late 80s (Popzene in 1987 and Szavazz rám in 1989). The band really broke up in 1997. But they gave a concert in 2004 (when Hungary accessionen to the EU) and in 2006.

Link1: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d95af63b7d44918aa66bafbbe56e25a33

Link2: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d95af63b7d44918aa5bcfe9a70498bf0d

Tracklist is too long now therefore i don't feel like write down and translate it.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

ZIL and RAUS rare recordings from early 80s

ZIL was a little-known punkband in Hungary maybe from 1982 or 1983. Some people said, ZIL was a one of the first skinhead band in Hungary but i think, they are mistaken. The first Hungarian skinhead band was a Mos-Oi .To err is human....
ZIL was not a skinhead band, it was a punkband with very angry and here and there rascist lyrics.
But i think, they were not a nazi band.
They released a short demo there are 2 songs, and the band was transformed into RAUS.

ZIL demo tracklist:

01.Én vagyok az Új Hitler (The new Hitler is coming)
02.Cigányveszély Angyalföldön (Gipsy danger in "Angyalföld")

There are very unusual sounds and very very poor quality.

RAUS recordings tracklist:

01.Ungarn Über Alles (Hungary forever)
02.Koncertezni kéne (We should give a concert)
03.Az üvegfal mögött (Behind the glass-wall)

Both recordings (ZIL and RAUS) are very rare, enjoy!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d95af63b7d44918aaea3e88f4a4c5e6dd

Wednesday 19 August 2009

VHK-live 24.09. 1985

Formerly i already wrote about VHK (Galopping Coroners) therefore i don't want to write a lot.
But this concert is very unusual because the band played on György Galántai statues. He is a experimental artist, he founded "ARTPOOL" in 1979 (http://www.artpool.hu/).
So, but the VHK didn't used instruments, they played on iron statues. Unusual music, inarticulate sounds.... Great!

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d95af63b7d44918aa4ab7cbef3e858a40

QSS-demo 1984

QSS is a punkband from Hungary, they founded in 1981 and they still play nowadays. They made lot of demo in 80s but i think, this demo made in Hungarian Radio in 1984.Typical punk, powerful lyrics, but here and there trite lyrics with great music. Their famous song in 80s Kézigránát kell(I need hand-grenade).


01. Unknown song
02.El innen (Get away!)
03.Hazám (Fatherland)
04.Kézigránát kell (I need hand-grenade)
05.Nem érdekel (I don't care)
07.Utolsó felszólítás (The last call)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d95af63b7d44918aafc0589e065cf03ab

Saturday 15 August 2009

Világ lázadói harcra fel! sampler 1984

Világ lázadói harcra fel (in English:Rebels of the World ready to fight!) was a sampler from 1984, there are 5 Hungarian punkbands: CPg, Kretens (Cretins), ETA, QSS, Fegyelem (Discipline). The 7" released in France not in Hungary. Not too good sampler, there are five songs, i don't like too much this LP but i think, it's a important mark of the communist ages.


01.CPg-Primitív bunkó (Primitive knob)
02.Kretens-Bürokraták (Bureaucrats)
05.Fegyelem-Alkohol (Alcohol)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d1686155677bb2685972865fa73236958

E.T.A.-demo 1982

Here's the E.T.A. demo from 1982, but i think, my german friend, already uploaded this demo in May. (http://magtapeculturecide.blogspot.com/search?q=eta) But now i uploaded too, because it's one of my favorite Hungarian punk tape.
So, some information about E.T.A. : I think, E.T.A. was a first real pro punkband in Hungary, formed in 1981, when the former Neurotic singer, Péter Czeller came out from Neurotic.
First of all they played lot of adaptation from Sham 69, Stooges, Damned, UK.Subs and Agent Orange. In 1982- 1983 they are a strongest punkband in Budapest. They released this demo and they broke up because of "punk lawsuits". E.T.A. very political and provocative.


01.ETA (Agent Orange cover)
02.Spicli (Spy)
03.Nulladal (Zero-song)
04.Nemzetközi helyzet (International situation)
05.Ez az én világom (This is my world-->UK. Subs cover)
06.Telefon (Telephone-->UK. Subs cover)
07.VHK (Ode for Galloping Coroners band)
08.Munkát! Kenyeret! (We want to work and bread! )
09.Átéltem az éjszakát (I went to through the night)
10.Anarchia (Anarchy)
11.Gyerünk! (Let's go! )
12.Űrdisco (Spacedisco)
13.Anarchia (Anarchy-->Stooges and Damned cover)
14.Live 1
15.Live 2
16.Live 3

Live recordings there are 10 songs: ETA, Telefon (Telephone), Nulladal (Zero-song) , Ez az én világom (This is my world ), Munkát! Kenyeret! (We want to work and bread! ), Prostituált vagyok (I'm a prostitue), Gyerünk! (Let's go! ), Nemzetközi helyzet (International situation), Timur és csapata (Timur and his group) , Anarchia (Anarchy). Uncut version.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d1686155677bb26859cd6cccc0832b66a

Thursday 13 August 2009

Trabant-rehearsal in '80s

Trabant made a great depression "roommusic". They not played on gigs or concerts rather they made demotapes. Here's one of Trabant demotape from early 80s. I wrote about Trabant few month ago i wrote all information therefore i don't write a lot now.

This rehearsal there are 16 songs, with a bit reggae influenced music. Quality is good, enjoy!


01.azt hiszem, hogy (I think, that...)
02.ez a ház (This house)
03.Ez lett a vége (This was the end)
04.go, baby
05.harang a-b (Bell a-b)
06.itt van, pedig senki se hívta (He is here, but nobody called him)
07.levert vagy (You are depressed)
08.marionett (Marionette)
09.mániákus depresszió (Maniac depression)
10.napszúrás (Sunstroke)
11.pirosbetűs napok (Important days)
12.pótvizsga (Second examination)
13.ragaszthatatlan szív (Unstick heart)
14.rövid séta (Short walking)
15.Rio és Tokyo (Rio and Tokyo)
16.szállodák, palmafak (Hotels, Palm-trees)


Saturday 8 August 2009

Kisangyal-demo 1986-87

Kisangyal (in English: Littleangle) was a simple punkband in Hungary, formed in 1986 and broke up end of 1987. I think, the band is not so individual but the bandleader Ádám Pozsonyi later wrote a punkbook in the end of 90s and he went to journalist to Magyar Nemzet and Demokrata newspapers.
I don't like this demo too much and i don't read Pozsonyi's newspapers, because too right-wing deviation....
But i don't want to influence anybody therefore download and enjoy!


01.A mezőgazdasági munka szépségei (Beauty of agricultural work)
03.Pax! Mir! Béke! (Peace!)
04.Virsligyár (Sausage-factory)
05.Traktoroslány (Tractor-driver girl)
06.Bárcsak háború lenne már (If only there would be war already)
07.Virsligyár (Sausage-factory)
08.Elmegyek (I go away)
09.Bárcsak háború lenne már(If only there would be war already)
12.Szólhat már a rádió (The radio can work)
13.Szebb jövö (Pretty future)
14.Kárpát medence (Pannonian basin)
16.A város holnaptól... (The city by tomorrow...)
17.Szebb jövö (Pretty future)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d1686155677bb26853395b2d21a7e8fc6

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Fegyelem-demo 1985

Fegyelem(meaning: Discipline) was a typical suburban punkband from Budapest with typical aggressive and knob lyrics and musics. Nihil, rage and monoton tones.Selection from one of Fegyelem lyrics: "I fuck your face/You don't instruct me/Fuck off everybody/You don't advise me!"
Unfortunately i couldn't find any picture about Fegyelem, great demo, i very very like it!


01.Minden ki van találva (Everything is ready-made)
02.Állat vagyok (I'm animal)
03.A kés élén (On the edge of knife-->GBH cover)
04.A cél szentesíti az eszközt(The end justifies the means)
05.Alkohol (Alcohol)
06.Ebben a háborúban (In this war)
07.Lányok, lányok (Girls, girls)


Egri Bikavér-1985

When Egri Csillagok (Stars of Eger) broke up, the band singer, Mihály Juhász founded a new band. Egri Bikavér(Bull's Blood of Eger) was a short lived punkband from Eger from 1985. The band played on legendary Hungarian punk festival, Total '85 in Paks. So, I uploaded short demo with 4 songs and live recording with 10 songs. The band broke up in end of 1985 and the band singer founded again new punk band, Biztonsági Tanács(Security Council) in 1986.

Demo tracklist:

01.Atomeső (Nuclear rain)
02.Csábos kislány (Sweet girl)
03.Hős lettél (You were heroic)
04.Olvasztár (Smelter)

Live tracklist:

01.Hé te(Hey, you)
02.Minden lehetett volna másképp(There could have been everything some other way)
03.Hős lettél (You were heroic)
04.Mi van? (What is that?)
05.Ne ugass(Don't barking)
06.Hol az igazság? (Where is the justice?)
07.Atomeső(Nuclear rain)
08.Csábos kislány(Sweet girl)
10.Komplyúter (Computer)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d1686155677bb2685a591ee488afb9eaf

Sunday 2 August 2009

Kontroll Csoport-demo 1983

Kontroll Csoport(Control Group) recorded this demo in 1983 in Ikarusz club. It's a real curious story, because MHV (name of the Hungarian Record Company) sponsored their demo recorded, and the Record Company planed Control Group LP, but it was failed. Namely, the band played in Spions memorial concert in april, 1983, and it was scandalous gig. So, luckily the official Control Group LP was failed but this demo came to lot of people.
In the early 90s, the descendant of Record Company wanted to released officially this demo. But it was failed again. Finally this demo released by Bahia in 1992.


A zene mindenkié (Music Is For Everybody)
Nem én vagyok (It's Not Me)
04.Kis piros bombázó (Little Red Bombardier)
Ma háború van, holnap béke (There's War Today, Peace Tomorrow)
Eladom (I Sell Everything)
Kicsinek látszol innen (You Look Small From Here)
09.A rock'n'roll egy állat (Rock'N'Roll Is An Animal)
10.A félelem háza (The house of fear)
11.Fényes bogarak (Shining insects)
12.Ole, Ola
13.Besúgók és provokátorok (Informers and provocators)
14.Ez a fajta (This kind)
15.Ez a fajta csoda (This kind wonder)
16.Jöjj drágám (Come on my darling)
17.Lili Kommandó (Lili Commando)
18.Azt csináljak amit akarok (I want to do what i want)
19.Hol vannak a régi álmaim (
Where I have the old dreams)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ea2532596111ca6d1686155677bb26852d5d461a3bc265cb