Thursday 30 July 2009

Hunta Napja-demo

Hunta Napja(in English:Days of Junta) was a very angry punkband from Hungary, maybe from 1985. This demo is very rare, there are just 5 song. This songs were full of concentrated hate and aggression. Their famous song was Cigányinvázió(Gypsy-invasion) what a rascist song i know.And i beg your pardon for this upload. But this band also belong to the Hungarian punk...

01.Utálok én mindenkit (I hate everybody)
02.Minden kutya (All dog...)
03.Dolgozz! (Work!)
04.Cigányinvázió (Gypsy-invasion)
05.Lopj, gyilkolj és csalj! (Steal, kill and cheat!)


Monday 27 July 2009

Rolls Frakció-Live in Youth Park 28. 07. 1983

Here's the Rolls Frakció (Rolls Fraction) live recording from 1983. Real great sound with powerful and provocative punk/new wave songs. I can't write more this tape, maybe so much i very like this Rolls Frakció recording. It's uncut version, there are two sides. In the last song, the band played God Save the Queen from Sex Pistols. Very interesting version with typical English double Dutch.


01.Bordám között kasza(Scythe between my ribs)
02.Nem változott semmi(Nothing change)
04.Belvárosi üvegház(Central Skyscraper)
05.Széles tágas a tér(broad and wide square)
06.A városban ahol élek (In the city where i live)
07.Bérház(Apartment house)
08.Lakótelep(Block of flats)
09.Rutinos megalkuvók(Experienced oppurtunism)
10.Budapest felett(Budapest over)
11.Fogyasztói társadalom(Customer society)
14.Tavaszi délután(Spring afternoon)
16.Fejezetek egy iskolás gyermek naplójából (Diary of schoolboy)
17.Robbangatunk, rabolgatunk(we just blow up and rob)
18.Lombikbébi(Lombic baby)

19.Tégla(Daily spy)
20.Adj helyet(Give me a place)
21.God save the queen(Sex Pistols)

But, unfrotunately nothing is perfect, because 14,15,16,17,18 songs repeat on B-side.

Link A-side:

Link B-side:

Saturday 25 July 2009

Bikini- XX. századi híradó LP 1984

Here's 2nd LP from Bikini from 1984(the name of the LP in English: 20th century news). It's was a very unusual LP at that time, this LP there are undetermine style, there are a bit punk, a bit rock, and a bit new wave and a bit experimenting.
But this LP didn't make a big musical and mental excitement because the mainstream Hungarian rock musicians and the Record Company are not tolerated these new and innovating endeavours....


01.Katonanóta a XX. századból(Soldier song from 20th century)
02.Csak a közönség nem... (Just the audience not...)
03.Lángosképű (Fried dough-face)
04.Matematikus dala (Song of mathematician)
05.Itt is, ott is (Here and there)
06.Balhé és blöff (Fuss and bluff)
08.Tréfás népi játék a XX. századból (Funny folk play from the 20th century)
09.Furcsa jazz (Strange jazz)
10.Én a XX. század költője (I'm a the poet from the 20th century)
11.Elhervadt a (Fade away the...)
12.Sárga bögre (Yellow cup)
13.Medvetánc (Bear dancing)
15.Lagzi (Party)


Thursday 23 July 2009

Lavina-rare concert from 1980 or 1981

Few months ago I told you about punkband Lavina(In English:Avalanche), and i uploaded 3 rare Lavina tracks. Now, here's other rare Lavina recordings. It was concert gig in Kölcsey High School in Budapest in 1980 maybe in 1981. I think it's a not so punk, because very rock influenced with lot of hard guitar solos. But i note, it's not boring redneck rock music, interesting, because the band often stop during the concert because of "devil of technics". It's a uncut recordings, there are 7 tracks. Enjoy!


Tuesday 21 July 2009

Fórum-kislemez 1982

This legendary Hungarian new wave 7" released by Fórum(Forum) in 1982. There are 2 excellent songs: fast Yugoslavian ska included song"Csak az a biztos" (Only that safe) and the melodically song "Mikor még volt súlya a szónak" (When the word was important).
Unfortunately, the band broke up sooner, however the Hungarian Record Company would like to released Fórum LP, but it's never finished...

01.Csak az a biztos (Only that safe)
02.Mikor még volt súlya a szónak(When the word was important)


Saturday 18 July 2009

Egri Csillagok-demo 1984

Egri Csillagok (meaning:Stars of Eger) was a punkband from Eger, Hungary. Eger is a nice Northern-Hungarian city, and the band name refer to same name popular Hungarian book, which is a historical book about Turkish siege of Eger, 1552.
So, at first, the band name was QQRIQ but i couldn't find any recordings from this band.I think Egri Csillagok formed in 1983 or 1984 and they made only demo and they broke up.
Great demo there are 4 songs and 1 Pekinska Patka song, ORI ORI.


01.Minden lehetett volna másképp (There could have been everything some other way)
03.Csábos kislány(Nice girl)
04.Haszonállat(Industrial animal)
05.Minden szinten szinte semmi(On all levels boredom)


Marina Revue-Sikoly a mából

Marina Revue was a one of the first Hungarian pre-hardcore band. The band formed in 1984, and i think, they broke up in 1985. They played on legendary Total '85 punkfestival. This tape released after the communismus, in 1993. There are the last Marina Revue rehearsal from 1985 and some concert recordings from 1984 and 1985. Great, fast punk music with very critical lyrics. Enjoy!


01. Régi múltad(Your old past)
02. Hajszolni a boldogulást(Hunt after the happiness)
03. Őrizd a békét(Defend the Peace!)
04. Robbanj fel te negédes világ(Blow up sweet world!)
05. Én vagyok az a srác(I am that boy)
06. Sikoly a mából(Scream from today)
07. Sárga eső Kambodzsában(Yellow rain in Cambodia)
08. Meddig tart még
09. XX. sz-i kultúrember(Cultured man from 20. century)
10. Romantika(Romantic)
11. Zúg a Volga (Rumble the Volga River)
12. Ne aggódj a kormány miatt(Don't worry about the Government)
13. Pajtás daloljunk(Comrade, sing!)
14. Rohadt bolygó(Fucking Earth)
15. Éljen a nyugodtság (Hurray the calm)
16. XX. sz-i kultúrember(Cultured man from 20. century)
17. Nem maradt ránk semmi(Nothing fell on us)
18. Én vagyok az a srác(I am that boy)
19. Régi múltad (Your old past)


Sunday 12 July 2009

BKV-demo 1987

BKV(Barátság Kőolaj Vezeték meaning Friendship Oil Pipe) was a punkband from 1987. Sorry, but i don't know any information about this band, i didn't find picture about this band....
I think, they released this only demo and broke up. Good demo with fast punk music but sometimes average and triteness lyrics.


02.Minden olyan szar (Everything is shit)
03.Újra itthon vagyok (I am at home again)
04.Alkohol (Alcohol)
05.Legyártottak de minek (They produced but we are unnecessary)
06.Akadály volt az élet (The life was obstacle)
07.Közöny (Coldness)
08.Kertészet (Gardening)


88-as Csoport-Demo 1986

Here's the second 88-as Csoport demo from 1986. Enjoy!


01.Kispolgár(Middle-Class, this song the same CPg-Mindennek te vagy az oka! (You are the reason of everything)
02.Kubai nők (Kuban woman)
04.Betondzsungel (Concrete Jungle)
05.Minden O.K. (Everything is Okay!)
06.Holnap meghalunk (We will die tomorrow)
07.Miért nem írsz? (Why don't you write?)
08.Anarchista terrorista (Anarchist Terrorist)
09.Mindennek vége (Everything is end)
10.Ha egy pisztolyt kaphatnék (If i could get a pistol)


88-as Csoport-Demo 1985

88-as Csoport(In English:Group of 88) was a famous Hungarian punk-rock band from late 80s. Some silly man believe in 88-as Csoport was a nazi-skinhead band, but i don't believe it. It's a simple punk with good music and great provocative lyrics. I know, 88-as Csoport made some anti-immigrant or anti-guestworker songs(e.g. Kubai Nők, Kolompár) but i think, they wasn't a rascist band.
So, 88-as Csoport released 2 demo in 1985 and in 1986. Enjoy!


01.Folyjon a vér(Let's flow the blood!)
02.Matuska (It's a song about Szilveszter Matuska, who was a terrorist in the 30s in Hungary)
03.Orosz tél (Russian winter)
04.Mindennek vége (Everything is end)
05.Pisztoly Rock and Roll (Pistol Rock and Roll)
06.Skála-kópé (Skala-Coop=Hungarian supermarket in the 80s)
07.Monotónia (Monotony)
08.Miért nem írsz? (Why don't you write?)
09.Szám a sok közül (Number the from among a lot)
10.Csak bábú vagy (You just a puppet)
12.Minden O.K. (Everything is Okay)
13.Nürnbergi utcák (Streets of Nürnberg)
14.Kubai nők (Kuban women)
15.16 tonna (16 metric ton)


Tuesday 7 July 2009

Neurotic-Budapesti Látnok 1987

Neurotic before Der Plan performance in Budapest 1985

Once upon a time there was a punk band in the early 80s, here was Neurotic. They played Damned included punk, but unfortunately they didn't make any demo or recordings...But later Neurotic transformed, the bandmembers are replaced. This Neurotic was not punk, it's new wave.
In 1987, Neurotic played in cult movie Rocktérítő and they made a great demo (called Budapest clairvoyant or just Rocktérítő demo.
It's a very very eclectic stuff, alloy lot of musicstyle(rhythm and blues, beat, new wave, reggae, rap). There are 16 songs but these songs rather musically interesting.
When the cult Neurotic singer, Tamás Pajor entered in Congregation of Religion, one era closed in Hungarian underground culture.


01.Időt töltök a poharamba (I pour a time in my glass)
02.Csak a sínek (Just a railway ski)
03.Hangtalanul fénycipőben (Noiselessly, in lightshoes)
04.Brék (Break)
05.Nem a szerelmesek kora (It's not a lover age)
06.Vén véna (Old vein)
07.Rock 'n' Roll, sebesség (Rock and Roll, speed)
08.Esik az eső (Rain is falling)
09.A Rock 'n' Roll az nem egy tánc (Rock'n'Roll is not a dance)
10.18 gyetya (18 candles)
11.Mért kell összefüggésbe hozni (Why it was necessary to bring it into a context)
12.Adj gázt (Give a gas)
13.A soha nem látott hölgyet (Never saw woman)
14.A múlt hosszúra nyúlt (The past is long)
15.Sárkányszárnyak (Dragon wings)
16.Tudok egy nőt (I know a woman)


Friday 3 July 2009

Spenót-Live in "Közgáz" club 1981

Here's the early Spenót (Spinach) recording from 1981. In initial period, Spenót played reggae included music with a bit rock.Short, hit flavour songs,ironical and here and there depressed lyrics.... it's unfortunate that they couldn't released LP their existence. Unfortunately i couldn't find suitable picture about this band. Enjoy!

01. Intro
02.Csak cigarettázom és eszem (I just smoke a cigarette and eat)
03.Élek-félek (I live-i afraid)
04.Kopj le már (Get out)
05.Versike(Short poem)
07.Spenót (Spinach)
08.Farkas Berci légy enyém ma éjjel (I want to you Bertalan Farkas)
(You know, Bertalan Farkas was a only Hungarian spaceman)


Spions-Donauer Video Familie 1978

Cyinicism, apathy and cold intellectual cruelty... Here's the Spions demo from 1978. It's a very rare recording, but lot of enthusiastic Spions-fan uploaded on BCDC.
Luckily, this tape is very great quality, there are 8 cool song (e.g. Dream of Anna Frank). But this tape is not so punk, rather alternative rock but very interesting!
Spions had an effect on lot of Hungarian punk/new wave bands, e.g. Control Group, URH, Európa Kiadó...

01.Anna Frank álma (Dream of Anna Frank)
02.The groupie of the dead
03.Jump & Jump & Jump
04.Nirvánia (Nirvania)
05.I am at home
06.Emlékképek (Memorial pictures)
07.Summer song
08.Menekülj végre (Escape now!)


Spions-The Party EP 1980

When the Spions bandmembers deserted to West, they released Russian Way Of Life/Total Czecho-slovakia 7" in 1979 and later, they released only Spions EP in 1980. This EP made in Paris, France, there are 4 songs. After this, Spions broke up.

01.Never trust a punk
02.Race riot
03.Marlene Dietrich
04.Nevada propaganda