Saturday, 26 September 2009

Elhárítás-some tracks from 1982

Here's this 3 songs from Elhárítás (in English: Averting). The band founded in 1981 from the bandmembers of Sock. This band is not too typical punkband, i think, they played VHK (Galloping Coroners) influenced music. Their songs are hard to digest.


01.Ember (People)
02.Miért? (Why?)
03.Elhárítás (Averting)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Kretens-Live in the Pecsa 1985

Kretens (meaning: Cretins) is a famous, but not too individual Hungarian punkband, formed in 1981 and they play nowadays too. I think, you will like this rare Kretens recordings but i don't like them.
They made a lot of demo during the 80s, and they played in West-Berlin and West-Germany. After change of regime, they played with UK.Subs and Henry Rollins.
This bootleg made in 1985 when the Kretens played in PECSA before 1500-2000 people.
Not too good bootleg, very poor quality but I think, you will like this rare Kretens recordings but i don't like them.

Official Kretens site:

in last picture: Kretens in West-Berlin maybe 1989


01.A fal (The wall)
02.Nincs mese (there is no time)
03.Helyzetelemzés 1983 (Situation report 1983)
04.Bobby sands
05.Minden olyan szép (Everything is beautiful)
06.Várok még 1 (I still wait)
07.Várok még 2 (I still wait)
08.Beteg város (Sick city)
09.Szabad szájak (Free mouths)
10.Élet (Life)
11.Bye, Bye!
12.Gyilkosom (My murder)
13.Sötét felhők (Black clouds)
14.Hunok vagyunk (We are Huns)
15.Induló (March)
16.Állj meg! (Stop now!)
17.Felejtsd el (Forget it)

Friday, 18 September 2009

NME on the Budapest scene (Western-European articles about Hungarian punk/new wave)

During the communist regime, the Eastern-European underground was a very fashionable, interesting and speciality in West. Some famous music magazine (NME, SPEX) informed about "punk behind the iron curtain". The New Musical Express journalist, Chris Bohn went to Hungary in 1981 and made some interview with URH, VHK, Beatrice, Spions.
Bohn said about URH: "URH music is the best I heard anywhere during my stay in Central Europe. "

Second article from 1982, about more Hungarian underground, punk, new wave bands, e.g: Agresszor, Kontroll Csoport, Citrom, Balaton, Neurotic and ETA.

Read and enjoy!

Sunday, 6 September 2009


If you have interesting and rare punk or new wave musics i think we can exchange.Write on my e-mail address if you want.
Here's my Eastern European punklist with former Czechoslovakian, Yugoslavian, Bulgarian, Soviet, and Polish punk/new wave musics!
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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Human Telex-rehearsal

Human Telex was a unknown new wave/synth band in the middle 80s. This demo there are Tejbezrí and Human Telex songs because because these bands are one and the same.
After the broke up of Tejbezrí, the bandmembers started a new band. They first bandname was ZRÍ but it was too punky name to lot of people.
Human Telex was typical synth band with sadly lyrics and with here and there forced lyrics.

This demotape is very very rare! Good quality, enjoy!

01.A Kelet kapujában (In the gate of East)
02.Agyonvert gondolatok (Beat ideas)
03.Csak (Just)
04.Csend (The silence)
05.Deja Vu
06.Esős város ez a század (This century is a rainy city)
07.Kazán a nap (The sun is a boiler)
08.Kudarc (Failure)
09.Látszat (Appearance)
10.Letört darab (Broken piece)
11.Levert vagy (You are depressed)
12.Nélküled (Without you)
13.Tűzoltó utca (Tűzoltó street)
14.Szeressük egymást gyerekek (Love each other children)
15.Utolsó bevetés (The last action)
16.Vágy (The desire)