Sunday, 7 August 2011

KFT-Macska az úton LP 1982

Here is the first KFT LP, Macska Az Úton (Cat on the street) from 1982. I wrote some months ago about this LP: "Early KFT was a very good new wave band, their first 2 LPs are absolutely good new wave stuffs. KFT founded in 1981, and the band played on "TOP SONG FESTIVAL 1981" with the song : "BÁBU VAGY" called in English: "You are the puppet". This song became a very popular new wave song in Hungary in early 80s. In 1981-1982 the band used make up, therefore they looked like a crazy punkband.

Lot of Hungarian new wave band didn't released any recording during the 80s, but the KFT is yes! Their first LP called "Macska Az Úton" ( Cat on the street), became a very unusual Lp in early 80s Hungary. When lot of Hungarian rock bands singing about teenage life-feelings e.g. "I was your kid" or "I leave the town", the KFT have puritan, simple topics and lyrics like "Tea", "House plant", "Greetings from Budapest". "

Really cool new wave LP, i just recommend to you!


01.Elmúltak Az Ünnepek (The celebrations passed)
02.Budapesti Anzix (Greeting to Budapest)
03.A vonat (The train)
04.Telefon (Telephone)
06.Szép szolidan (Just in pretty and solid)
07.Macska az úton (Cat on the street)
08.Ugatnak a kutyák (The dogs are barking)
09.Szunnyadó város (Sleeping town)
11.Izgalom (Excitement)
12.Jóéjszakát (Good night)

Városbújócska soundtrack 1985 (cassette)

Városbújócska (Hide and seek) was a Hungarian movie from 1985. I couldn't get this movie yet,
but band Európa Kiadó played in this movie. Here is the soundtrack tape, with lot of instrumental song from the movie and some mid 80s EK songs!


01. Igazi hős (Real Heroe)
02.-04. Instrumentals
05. Budapest
06.-09. Instrumentals
10. Romolj meg! (Be spoiled)
11. Instrumental
12. Marlon Brando
13.-14. Instrumentals

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Trabant-Eszkimó asszony fázik 1984 RE-UPLOAD

Trabant was a interesting new wave band in Hungary in the early 80s. They never played in concert, instead of they just made a demo recordings. The band released only EP, Eszkimó asszony fázik(meaning Eskimo woman feel cold) in 1984. This EP was a soundtrack EP, and the name of the movie agree with EP name. Eskimo woman feel cold was a great film, the Trabant bandmembers are performed in this movie. This film speak about 2 men and 1 beautiful sexy woman(she was the Trabant singer). One of us man is dumb and the second man is a succesfull piano artist. Both of men fall in love with the sexy blondie woman, and the woman love both of men... It's a difficult story, with Trabant music... In this movie, we can watch a bit sex, we can watch difficult circumstances of life and we can listen new wave musics... It's a great film!

in picture: Trabant in "Eskimo woman feel cold" movie


  1. Tangó (Tango)
  2. Itt van, pedig senki se hívta (He is here, but nobody called him)
  3. Ragaszthatatlan szív (Unstick heart)
  4. Napszúrás(Sunstroke)
  5. Instrumental


Friday, 5 August 2011

BB GABOR-s/t LP 1980

BB Gabor was a Hungarian- born Canadian singer. He born in 1948 and fled to Hungary with his parents after 4th November 1956 soviet invasion. He recorded two LP in Canada, here is the first. Soviet Jewellery and Metropolitan Life were the mega-hit songs from his 1st LP in Canada in early 80s. He died in 1990, his death was ruled suicide. Very rare, but very good! Totally new wave-pop LP. Enjoy!


01.Metropolitan life
03.Soviet Jewellery
04.Laser love
05.Moscow drug club
06.Underground world
07.All the time
08.Hunger, Poverty and Misery
09.Ooh Mama!
10.Big yellow taxi

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Agydaganat: re-union and gigs!

Important: one of the best early Hungarian punkband, Agydaganat will make some gig in august!
The concert dates:

Nyíregyháza: 3th August, 21:00 (free)

Budapest: 5th August, 22:00, Trafik klub (300 HUF)

Debrecen: 6th August, 22:00 (free)

Unfortunately i can't go to their gigs, 'cos i'm not got holiday, i must work.
But i hope, they will make another gigs in another time.

Hold on!