Sunday, 25 December 2011

Have a nice christmas and happy new year!

Dear visitors! Have a nice Christmas and happy new year! In 2011 i had no time to my blog, but i think, i won't more time to my blog in the next year, but i will try to upload some interesting music to you!

Thanks for the visiting!

Európa Kiadó-Love '82 1982 (on CD 1997)

Love 82 is a very good Európa Kiadó demotape from 1982. One of my favorite early Hungarian new wave stuff, with cool post-punk/synth music and with a dark/depressed lyrics. Ideal situation report from 80s Hungary!


01. Turista (Turist)
02. Nem vagy olyan jó ( You are not a such as good)
03. 33 nevem volt (I had 33 names)
04. Lehet (Maybe)
05. Nincs sok időd (You have no time)
06. Európa Kiadó
07. Fiatal magyarok (Young hungarians)
08. 3 Judit 4 Zsuzsa
09. Szabadíts meg (Set me free)
10. Mocskos idők (Dirty times)
11. A birodalom visszavág ( The empire is hit back)
12. M avagy egy város ( M or the city)
13. Rendőrlány (Police girl)
14. Bon Si Bon

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Guyer's Connection-Portrait LP 1983

Guyer's Connection was a synth band from Switzerland with a Hungarian singer between 1982-1983. Not Eastern stuff, but the singer was Hungarian. Very cool underground synth LP, i very like it! The singer singing in English, French and German. Enjoy!


01. Pogo of Techno
02. Ballade Pour Nous
03. Ein Glas Voll Gurken
04. She's so hot
05. La Transformation
06. Links & Lustig
07. Die Grille
08. Keep the City Clean
09. Dallas
10. Arabia
11. National und Standerat