Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Külvárosi Körzet-demo 1988 (?)

Külvárosi Körzet(Suburban district) was a punkband from Budapest conurbation.The band debuted in TOTAL 88 punkfestival in 1988.
Here's their only demotape without titles. Not too good stuff, i don't like too much this "late Aurora-influence" punk.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ETA-Live 1982

First of all, here's another ETA live tape from 1982. You can find lot of ETA stuff on my blog, but this recording is the best! Raw, aggressive and very good quality! This concert there are 13 cool ETA song. I think, this concert recording made in club "Közgáz", but i don't know exactly. The band members play a real good on this bootleg.

I uploaded this picture from (you can see it: Maybe they were the fantastic ETA. Or not... I don't know, because till now i never see any picture about the band.


02.Anarchia 1. (Anarchy 1.)
03.Telefonszámok (Telephonenumbers-UK.SUBS cover)
04.Nulladal (Zero-song)
05.Prostituált vagyok (I'm a whore-UK.SUBS "Rockers" cover)
06.Spicli (Spy)
07.Warhead (UK.SUBS)
08.Munkát! Kenyeret! (Work! Bread!)
09.Átéltem az éjszakát (I survived the night)
10.Űrdiszkó (Space disco)
11.Gyerünk! (Let's go-SHAM 69 "If the kids are united" cover)
12.Nemzetközi helyzet (International situation)
13.Anarchia 2. (Anarchy 2.-Damned "I feel alright" cover)

Songs "ETA" and "Anarchy 1." features on the Lucile Chaufour punk movie in 1984.



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