Monday, 13 December 2010

Rolls Frakció- unknown bootleg 1983

Here is the new post. Sorry but i have no enough time to my blog, just you know, the blog is live! But here is the rare bootleg from cult Hungarian new wave band, Rolls Frakció .
I don't know where made this bootleg... maybe in Balatonfüred in 1983.
Maybe it was the one of the last concerts of the band, because the band split up in 1984.

But in this bootleg, the quality is totally good, and the band played very raw like the punk band, there are 19 tracks and there are good and funny critism between the songs!



01.Bérház (Block)
02.Bordám között kasza (Scythe between my rib)
03.A városban ahol élek (The city where i live)
04.Lakótelep (Block of flats)
05.Széles tágas a tér (Wide wide square)
06.Nem változott semmi (Nothing changed)
07.Magyarország (Hungary)
08.Lányok térnek meg (Girl comes)
09.Budapest felett (Over Budapest)
10.Mérgeskígyó (Poison snake)
11.Izzik a tavaszi délután (Hot spring afternoon)
12.Adj helyett (Give me a place)
13.Fogyasztói társadalom (Consumer society)
14.Jólét (Welfare)
15.Belvárosi üvegház (Central skyscraper)
16.Robbantgatunk, rabolgatunk (We just damage, we just rob)
17.Fejezetek (Chapters...)
18.Hétköznapi tégla (Daily spy)
19.Villamos (Tram)


Friday, 26 November 2010


This is my advertisement on the blog. With one of my friend i will make a 70s-80s new wave party in 02. February, 2011.
It won't be a concert, rather like the new wave/punk "disco", we will play original and true new wave hits!
It will be a totally free party. We prefer these kind of new wave styles next to the punk:
  • early 80s synthpop
  • Neue Deutsche Welle (West German new wave)
  • Post Punk
  • New Romantics
  • Yugoslavian new wave
So, this party will start 8.00 PM!


Szeged, Kölcsey u. 4.
SZTEage Club

If you want, come on !

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Punk concert in Youth Park, Budapest 1984

In summer 1984 five punkband Aurora (still with female singer), Marina Revue, Tizedes meg a Többiek, Rizikó Faktor and Galopping Coroners played in Budapest Youth Park. Should have played Kretens ,but they were delay 2 hours, therefore they didn't perform. Funny isn't it? So, here's the bootleg of this concert unfortunately without Rizikó Faktor and Galopping Coroners tracks. Formerly i had these tracks, but unfortunately i lose it. I uploaded 2 rare pictures too: 1. picture: band Rizikó Faktor in Balatonszemes rock camp 1984, 2. picture:Rizikó Faktor again in Youth Park concert 1984.


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

WYX-Lie, Lie, Lie/Association SP 1983

WYX- this band is a not a true punkband, it was a short-lived music project of the KFT singer András Laár.
They released this interesting 7" in 1983. This single there are 2 songs. First song, "Lie,Lie,Lie" is a fast and angry punk influenced song, and the second song, "Association" is a very post-punk influenced song. You can listen another WYX song on the rare "START 1.2..3..." sampler. Very cool and very rare record! Enjoy!




Saturday, 18 September 2010

Re-Upload: Inkubátor-Live 1982

Inkubátor(meaning:Inqubator) was a punkband between 1981-1982. Sorry for bad picture but i didn't find any picture about this band(i made with my mobilephone...). This tape is a bad quality live recording, maybe from early 1982... Typical look intellectual but angry lyrics.
And it's very interesting, because they played a popular Lavina song, Elizium.
I upload again, because the link was dead...


01.Búcsúzni kell (We must farewell)
02.A családnak vagdalthús kell (Family needs minced meat)
03.Ásd el magad! (Bury yourself!)
04.Becsukják az okosokat (Intellectuals go to prison)
06.Nem kell semmi (We needn't nothing)


Re-Upload: Spenót-live in 1983

Here's one of bootleg from great Hungarian new wave band, Spenót (Spinach).
I upload again, because the link was out of order.... Enjoy!


01.Beprogramoztak (Program me)
02.Modern idők (Modern ages)
03.Hová tűntek a szőke nők (Where the blond women were disappering?)
04.Csak cigarettázom és eszem (I just smoke and eat)
05.Fantasztikusan szép vagy (You are a very beautiful)
06.Órák (Times)
07.Rendőr (Policeman)
08.80-as évek (Boring 80s)
09.Wir sind modern
10.983-as légikalóz (Terrorist 983)
11.983-as légikalóz 2 (Terrorist 983)
12.Földöntúli hatalom (Unearthly power)
13.Levezetés (Outro)


Friday, 10 September 2010

Kretens-demotape 1985

Here's the interesting Kretens demotape from 1985. The band formed in 1981 and they exist nowadays too. You can download more Kretens on my blog.
This demotape there are 12 songs but the quality is not so good. You can find earlier (1982 and 1983 songs) on this demo, but the later band's songs were not so good....



01.A börtön ablakában (In the prison window)
02.Álmaimban (In my dreams)
03.Ünnep (Celebration)
04.Ringyó (Whore)
05.Százados elvtárs (Comrade Captain)
06.Bizonyíték nélkül (Without proofs)
07.Bürokrácia (Bueaucrates)
09.Hunok vagyunk (We are Huns)
10.Induló (March)
11.Kripta (Krypt)
12.5000 Ft-os ember (Man with 5000 HUF)


Saturday, 4 September 2010

GM49-English demotape 1984 (?)

You can find another GM49 tape on my blog. Now, i uploaded their rare English demo. I don't know a lot about this demotape, made in maybe 1983 or 1984. I know, the singer, Galla, went to London in end of 1982 or in early 1983 and he fallen love in synthpop music style. Synthpop was a popular style in the UK in early 80s, i'm sure you heard about famous 80s English synth bands, e.g. Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, O.M.D., ecc.
Quality is excellent, this demo there are 9 songs (8 English songs and 1 Hungarian song), but all songs are very shits. Synthpop? Maybe... I don't believe this demo would be a successful in the UK. But you can.


01.That's how it is
02.Sing on
03.Banging song
06.If you are travelling
08.Mámor (Rapture)
09.Instrumental song


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fals! - demotape 1989

Fals! - one of the Hungarian ska band from end of the 80s. I don't know a lot of information about this band, started ca. 1984 and split up in end of 1989 (?) - i don't know exactly.
The early 80s Hungarian ska bands like GM49 , and Fórum were a very new wave influenced band with a very silly lyrics. They released some 7"s and split up fast.
Mid 80s Hungarian ska bands like Skanzelizé , Flúgos Futam, Fals! were a bit skinhead influenced lyrics with lot of provocative topics (e. g. Ceausescu's Romania; Arabian immigrants in Budapest;Transylvania; ecc.).

What my opinion about Fals! demo? It's a very good quality demotape with interesting and good lyrics (e.g. "Budapest is change and will be like Cairo" ), and this demo is a one of the mark to the end of 80s Hungary!


01.Átlátszatlan ajtók (Not transparent doors)
02.Ó özvegy Kovácsné (Oh, widow Mrs. Kovács)
03.Lopez a gengszter (Lopez the gangster)
04.Mozdulj meg! (Move on!)
05.Ausztrália (Australia)
06.Mow Ska
07.Gazdasági micsoda (Economical what)
08.Szép román lány (Pretty romanian girl)
09.A' la ska
10.Észak-pesti Népfürdó Vállalat (North-Budapest public bath company)
11.Műsorszünet (Programme pause)
13.A nagy oroszlánvadász (The big lion hunter)
14.Rázzon meg a lábad! (Your legs shake you!)



Monday, 23 August 2010

Nihil-demo 198x or 1990 (?)

I know two Nihil (Nihilism) band. The first Nihil started in 1982, and it was a simple punk/new wave band to former Lavina's singer, Attila Nagy. But unfortunately, i have no any recording from this band.
But these two band are not same.
But the second Nihil was a one of the first Hungarian dark-wave band next to early F.O. System. Formed late 80s, and broke up early 90s. Here's their first demo. Great stuff with great lyrics and a bit punk influenced music.



02.Végezz magaddal (Kill yourself)
03.Kelet-Nyugat (East-West)
04.Nihil (Nihilism)
06.Dúl a harc (The battle is rage)
07.Kiskutya (Little dog)
08.Ez itt a város (Here is the town)
09.Nevettséges glóriák (Funny glory)


Sunday, 15 August 2010

VHK-early recordings and more...

The "summer hole" is end, now here's my new upload from the cool Hungarian pre-punk band, Galloping Coroners!
Here's some old VHK (Galloping Coroners) bootlegs from 1981-1984. Good stuffs, you can download more early Galloping Coroners recordings from their official site:

And you can find another VHK stuffs from this blog:

So, my new upload there are six early recordings.


01. 10.03.1981

02. 31.12.1981

03. 29.03.1982

04. 30.04.1982

05. 30.10.1983

06. 20.03.1984



Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Hi, short pause because of holiday. Hold on!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Koordináció B - demo 1984

Koordináció B (B Coordination) was a one of the cool Hungarian punkband from the former big industrial city, Miskolc. The band formed in 1982, but their first name was Ideges Dögevők (meaning in English: Nervous carrion eaters ), but this formation was spit up in 1983. The new formation changed the band name to Koordináció B.
This demo made in 1984, very good quality, there are 10 excellent punk songs with good lyrics and primitive, but effective and aggressive music. Their lyrics there are : vision of nuclear war, depression, empty life, word-pain...ecc. So, it's a one of the Hungarian punk stuff!

If you want to read more about this band, here is a MUSICCOMMUNICATION blog. It's also good blog about the Hungarian music, and here is a good article about Koordináció B with lyrics and band-history:


01. Boldogságomnak csak egy a híja (My happiness lack of one)
02.Nyas'gem! (Fuck off)
03.Szabad ország (Free country)
04.Ez a világ (This world)
05.Válság (Crisis)
06.Korlátlan pszichikai terror (Absolute psychic terror)
07.Ki az aki provokál? (Who provocate me?)
08.Nem baj (It's not trouble)
09.Pisztolynak nézem a villát (I see the pistol to fork)
10.Ez a kényszer nem kell (This compulsion not need me)



Monday, 19 July 2010

Torma - funny and forgotten synth from early 80s

Torma (meaning in English maybe: Horse-radish) was not punk, it was a funny one-man Hungarian new wave/synth stuff in early 80s. But Torma is a very forgotten band in Hungary, Torma didn't released albums or singles, but in 1983 the band appeared in "official" new wave sampler (the name of the sampler: 1.2..3... Start Új Hullám) with only Torma's "hit" song: "Dalolj!" (in English: "Sing!") and later, the band split up. But the band started again in early 90s and released 2 albums , made some concerts and split up again. Here's their first album from 1992 with original 80s Torma's songs! Good quality, early 80s Trio influenced music with funny and very very simple lyrics.

Vérnarancsvirág (Blood-Orange Flower) album tracklist:

01.Mosolyalbum (Smile-album)
02.Sár (Mud)
03.Entellektüel (Intellectual)
04.Vérnarancsvirág (Blood-Orange Flower)
06.Szappan (Soap)
07.Tulipános Fan-Fan (Tulip Fan-Fan)
08.Japán kislány (Japanese girl)
09.Masiniszta (Engine-driver)
10.Chew Chew Boy
11.Nukleáris szerelem (Nuclear love)
12.Vén magyar hegy (Old Hungarian Mountain)


13. Dalolj! (Sing!)


Friday, 16 July 2010

Modells-rehearsalroomtape 1982

Modells - one of my favorite Hungarian punkband, and (i think) they were the one of the best Hungarian punkband in early 80s. They formed in 1981 and split up in 1982. Exacting music with good lyrics.
Here's their rare rehearsalroom recordings from 1982. Not so good quality, and i think, not so exciting demo, because they played same songs, but you can listen some unknown Modells songs and Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks cover songs.


01.Bűnhődés (Punishment)
02.Propaganda (Propaganda)
03.Unknown song
04.Nem én voltam (I wasn't...)
05.Bűnhődés (Punishment)
06.Propaganda (Propaganda)
07.Nem én voltam (I wasn't...)
08.Befejezetlen gondolat (Unfinished idea)
09.Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols cover)
10.Méltóságomon alulinak tartom (I think it beneath one's dignity to...)
11.Punk 'n' roll
12.Vak vagyok (I am blind)
13.Harmony in my head (Buzzcocks cover)


Sunday, 27 June 2010

QSS-rehearsalroomtape 1983

It's a very rare recording from QSS. The band formed in 1981 with another singer, György Papp. Till now i never listened any recording from this earliest line-up. But now! Here is it! One of cool guy sent me this early QSS rehearsalroomtape! First time, we didn't know what is this, we thought that, it's a early Neurotic demo, but no, we mistaken.
This demo is absolutely fantastic punk stuff from 1983, fast punk with aggressive music and good lyrics! Quality is not so good, but who cares? If you listen this great rehearsalroomtape, you can think that you are in 1983 not in 2010... ! Some songs from this demo appeared in Lucile Chaufour's movie, "Les rales des genets".



02.Kommunista kábító (Drug of Communist)
04.Komár, a kurva anyád (Komár fuck off!)
05.Kispolgárok (Middle-Classes)
06.Lebombázom (I will bomb out)
07.Eins, Zwei...
08.Jönnek a vörösök (The Red Army is coming)


Rolls/Backing Group Live 10.10.1981

Here's the early live bootleg from Rolls Frakció and Backing Group. You can listen punk influence Backing Group's music and early Rolls. You know, i already told you, early Rolls recording are not so good. Yes, it's true. In this bootleg next to their punk/new wave songs, Rolls played some blues(!) songs with one of famous Hungarian rock/blues singer, Deák-Bill, and Ramones mixture with Backing Group singer and they played their shit early rock songs in end of the concert.
Good quality and very rare recording. Enjoy!


Backing Group

02.Szignál/Jazz/Ki csinál szódát? (Signal/Jazz/Who makes soda?)
03.Szőke punk lány (Blondie punk girl)
04.Civilizáció (Civilization)
05.Miért félsz? (Why are you afraid?)
06.Elhervadt a sárga rózsa (The yellow rose was fade away)
07.Nem bírom a gyűrődést (I can't take it)
08.Szóló (Solo)
09.Nem vagyok én apáca (I'm not a nun)
10.Zártosztály (Mental hospital)
11.Improvizáció (Improvisation)
12.Daddy cool

Rolls Frakció

01.Rolls intro music
02.Belvárosi üvegház (Central skyscraper)
03.Robbantgatunk, rabolgatunk (We just damage and we just rob)
04.Fejezetek (Diary of schoolboy)
05.Csárdás (Csardas)
06.Jólét (Wealth)
07.Feladat (Task)
08.Hétköznapi tégla (Daily spy)
09.Villamos (Tram)
10.Budapest felett (Budapest over)
11. 3.20. Blues (Blues of 3.20. am) with Deák Bill
12.Kőbánya blues (Blues of Kőbánya) with Deák Bill
13.Johnny B. Good with Deák Bill
15.Ramones mixture
16.Már megtanultam rég (I already learnt formerly)
17.Red Houses

Link 1:
Link 2:

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Herpesz-demo 1984 or 1985

Herpesz (Herpes) was a one of the great Hungarian synth-punk/new wave band. The band played in "Balatonszemes rockcamp 1984", made this demo what there are just 2 songs, and... sorry i don't know other information about this fantastic band.


01.Kórház (Hospital)
02.Olimpikon vagyok (I'm the Olympic athlete)


And i shared this Herpesz video from Youtube about "Balatonszemes rockcamp" 1984. Enjoy!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

88-as Csoport-Live 27.06.1986. PECSA

Here's a 88-as Csoport (Group of 88) concert from 1986. There are just 8 songs, but great quality.



02.Betondzsungel (Concrete Jungle)
03.Kiáltsd hogy Oi! (Shout the Oi!)
04.Anarchista Terrorista (Anarchist terrorist)
05.10 millió idegen arc (Ten million foreign faces)
06.Mindennek vége (Everything is end)
07.Ha egy pisztolyt kaphatnék (If i get a pistol)
08.Minden oké (Everything is okay)


Friday, 4 June 2010

Európa Kiadó-Live in Amsterdam 1987

For a long time i already uploaded just punk on my blog, but now, here's a bit new wave from a cool and strange band, Európa Kiadó.

In 1987, Waszlavik Gazember László, VHK (Galloping Coroners) and Európa Kiadó played in Amsterdam, in Melkweg Club in the course of the performance "Budapest Explosion".

Here is the Európa Kiadó recording. Unfortunately, there are 6 songs...


01.Toporzékolok (I'm angry)
02.Európa Kiadó (European Publishing House)
03.Ujjlenyomatok (Fingerprints)
04.Minden eltörölve (Everything is efface)
05.33 nevem volt (I had 33 names)
06.Megalázó durva szerelem (Degrading rough love)


Sorry, i have no picture about this concert.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

US DALLARD-rehearsalroomtape 1986

US DALLARD (sometimes U.S. DALLARD) was a punk/new wave band from Budapest between 1984-1986. Their music was exacting and they played Stranglers influenced music (the band often played some Stranglers songs too, e.g. Hanging Around, English Towns, 5 minutes). They also appeared in Total 85 punkfestival, in Paks. I don't know anymore about this band.

Here's their only demotape from 1986 without tracklist and average lyrics. Quality is not too good, you can listen US DALLARD's Hanging Around in last song of demotape!



Saturday, 29 May 2010

CERBERUS - interview in Youth Magazine 1982

Cerberus was a Hungarian punkband between 1981-1982. But they weren’t a real punks. Why i wrote about them? Because Cerberus was a „special” band. The band formed in end of 1981, when the Hungarian footballer team manager ’s two sons founded this band. Therefore they were in a special position: punk was a forbidden in communist Hungary, but Cerberus was a only punkband who appeared in IFJÚSÁGI MAGAZIN (Youth Magazine), they got a one interview in 1982 where they could speak about their aims and other things…
However Cerberus never was a „official” punkband, it couldn’t be true.
What was they music? Cerbeus’s music was a not too exciting punk. Simple chords with typical silly lyrics e.g. „AKTAKUKAC” and „NE MENJ FEL A GELLÉRTHEGYRE” (In English: Paper worm ; Don’t go up to Gellérthegy).
I think they never made demo or rehearsaltapes, but i know, they have some rare concert recordings from 1982. I search these recordings for a long time ago…

So, here’s , i got the Cerberus Youth Magazine interview from 1982. If you click the link, you can download this article in scanned version!



Thursday, 27 May 2010

Amfetamin Lepra-demo 1984

Amfetamin Lepra (in English: Amphetamine leprosy) was a Hungarian punkband ca. 1984. This band is totally unknown for me, i don't know anything about them. Sorry.
Here's their only demo from 1984. Quality is very bad, you can hear the music tones, but unfortunately, you can't understand the lyrics. What kind of music is this? Fast and aggressive punk music with angry singer. The song titles are very provocatives, for example "Magyarország rendőrállam" (meaning: Hungary is a police-state) and "Kommunista rabszolga" (in English: Communist slave). I think, these song titles represent the mid 80s communist Hungary life feelings.


01.Kommunista rabszolga (Communist slave)
02.Magyarország rendőrállam (Hungary is a police-state)
03.Blown to bits (Exploited cover)
04.Popgyár-Popsztár (Popfactory-Popstar)


Friday, 14 May 2010

BTK-rehearsal 1983

Here's the rare demo from one of the first Hungarian electro-punk/new wave band, BTK. Not so good quality, i don't understand the lyrics, but the music is great! Unfortunately, this demo there are just 4 songs... Enjoy!


01.Depresszió (Depression)
02.Unknown song
03.Unknown song
04.Der Mussolini (D.A.F. cover)


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Beatrice-Live in ELTE 09.05.1981 "Victory day"

Today is a Victory day (9th May) therefore here's the another Beatrice bootleg from 1981. It was a "Victory day" concert in ELTE University.It's a very exciting bootleg, the band played just their new wave songs and one song from VHK (Galloping Coroners). These songs are unknown, but that's a great pity! Hungarian pre-punk/new wave band disbanded in end of 1981.



02.Vigyorog a fejem (My head is grin)
03.Civilizáció (Civilization)
04.Elkapott a gépszíj (Driving belt caught me)
06.Aki nem lép egyszerre (Who not walk in step)
07.Itt a tavasz (Here's the spring)
08.Éljen, Éljen, Hurrá!! (Hurray!! Hurray!!)
09.Kopj le! (Get off!)
10.Daddy cool
11.Olajválság-Keleten a helyzet kulcsa-Halványkék akkordok (Oil crisis-Situation of key in East-Faintblue chords)
12.Egyszer voltam nálatok (Sometimes i'm was with you)
13.Kicsit szomorkás a hangulatom (My mood is a bit sadly)
14.Rendes ember (Normal man)
15.Európa (Europa-full version)
16.Tudományos rockizmus (Scientific rockism)
17.Meditáció II. (Meditation 2.)
18.Bécsi csók (Vienna kiss)
19.VHK (Galloping Coroners song)
20.Munkásrock (Worker's rock)
21.Nagyvárosi farkas (Urban wolf)


Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mosoi-demo 1984

Here's the demo of Mosoi . After the scandalous club Mozaik performance the Mosoi members were pulled over, but in 1984 they made a short demo without their rascist songs and without provocative political message.
Is this a good demo? I think, so-so. Quality is excellent, but sometimes the music is boring for me.

Shortly the Mosoi disbanded. Maybe still in 1984. Fortunately i got a cool picture about the band singer, József "Ramon" Erdős.


01.Állj át!(Change our side!)
02.Emléked (Your memorial)
03.Skinhead-induló (Skinhead march)
04.Ziga Zaga Oi! Oi!
05.Szeretlek, vágyom rád (I love you, miss you)
06.A börtön ablakában (In the prison window)
07.Gyógyszerelem (Drug love)
08.Fuckingolás (aka "Fucking")


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Boy and the Boy and another Szeged new wave

If you downloaded the previous upload, you had to listen two recordings from this band.This band founded in 1984 but i don't know too much about this demo. Maybe made in 1984...
Boy and the Boy was the music project of Ferenc Gallai (BOY). He was the one of the cult figure of Szeged underground life in the 80s.
Great demo, it is not punk, it is a bit TRIO influenced new wave. This demo have a very eclectic style, there are cool new wave songs, but you can listen some slowly acustic songs too!

You can't download this demo here, but you can download some early Szeged punk/new wave recordings from Ferenc Gallai's website. It's a new site, where you can find Nagyfröccs and Zártosztály demos!!

Here's the website: and

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Invázió 84-demo 1982

Here's another stuff from punkband Invázió 84. I think, this stuff is a rehearsalroom recording, maybe made in 1982 or 1983. There are 3 songs, great quality, fast and angry music. Enjoy!


01.Dolgozz és zabálj (Work and Eat!)
02.Kommunista szombat (Communist saturday)
03.New punks


Thursday, 8 April 2010

"Sublimation and Elimination" sampler

This sampler represent 80s and early 90s Szeged punk/new wave/underground bands. Szeged was a very productive place in 80s. Not just CPg - or CPg but another bands too. In this sampler, you can get know some unknown Szeged punk/new wave bands, for example:
Nagyfröccs (meaning: Wine and Soda), Zártosztály (Mental Hospital), Boy and the Boy and lot of another bands.


01.CPg:Túlpart (Otherside) 1980
02.Nagyfröccs: Nem vagyok én antikrisztus (I'm not a antichrist) 1981
03.Nagyfröccs: Nem adom fel (I don't give up) 1981
04.Zártosztály: Most engedtek szabadlábra (Now, i'm went out from the mental hospital) 1983
05.Zártosztály: Púder maca (Powder whore) 1983
06.Boy and the boy: Dekadencia (Decadence) 1984
07.Boy and the boy: Rossz fiúk (Bad boys) 1984
08.88-as csoport: Randevú (Rendezvous) 1984
09.88-as csoport: Propaganda 1984
10.88-as csoport: Minden oké (Everything is okay) 1989
11.88-as csoport: Kubai nők (Kuban women) 1989
12.Boldog idők: Nagy buli (Big party) 1985-1986
13.Boldog idők: Vörös katona (Soviet soldier) 1985-1986
14.Reficul: Ez nem a napos oldal (It's not the sunny side) 1988
15.Hungarian dracula: The night is stronger 1989
16.Hungarian dracula: Buszmegálló (Bus-station) 1989
17.Koyanisquatzi:Függtem tudom (I know, i'm a depend on somebody)1989
18.Koyanisquatzi: Végtelen (Endless) 1989
19.Variola:Hangodat nem hallom (I don't listen your voice) 1990
20.Lautrec:The Unfathomable Origin 1993-1994
21.Lautrec:Species Falsa 1993-1994
22.Metanoia:Megnevezetlen (It's unnameable) 1994


In the picture: band Zártosztály (Mental Hospital) ca. 1983

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A bit commercial/short message: MUSIC COMMUNICATION

Here's a new Hungarian blog about music! the name of the blog: MUSIC COMMUNICATION! About not just punk topics, not heterogeneous.
At first, you can read lot of Marina Revue lyrics on the blog!

If you are curious, please check music communication blog!


Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Külvárosi Körzet-demo 1988 (?)

Külvárosi Körzet(Suburban district) was a punkband from Budapest conurbation.The band debuted in TOTAL 88 punkfestival in 1988.
Here's their only demotape without titles. Not too good stuff, i don't like too much this "late Aurora-influence" punk.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ETA-Live 1982

First of all, here's another ETA live tape from 1982. You can find lot of ETA stuff on my blog, but this recording is the best! Raw, aggressive and very good quality! This concert there are 13 cool ETA song. I think, this concert recording made in club "Közgáz", but i don't know exactly. The band members play a real good on this bootleg.

I uploaded this picture from (you can see it: Maybe they were the fantastic ETA. Or not... I don't know, because till now i never see any picture about the band.


02.Anarchia 1. (Anarchy 1.)
03.Telefonszámok (Telephonenumbers-UK.SUBS cover)
04.Nulladal (Zero-song)
05.Prostituált vagyok (I'm a whore-UK.SUBS "Rockers" cover)
06.Spicli (Spy)
07.Warhead (UK.SUBS)
08.Munkát! Kenyeret! (Work! Bread!)
09.Átéltem az éjszakát (I survived the night)
10.Űrdiszkó (Space disco)
11.Gyerünk! (Let's go-SHAM 69 "If the kids are united" cover)
12.Nemzetközi helyzet (International situation)
13.Anarchia 2. (Anarchy 2.-Damned "I feel alright" cover)

Songs "ETA" and "Anarchy 1." features on the Lucile Chaufour punk movie in 1984.



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I will not torture you more, i’m continue my blog from this time on. Under the temporary pause, i got some interesting punk/new wave stuff, maybe you will interesting it.

Let’s go!


Sunday, 7 February 2010


Dear Readers and Visitors!

Sorry, but i have no time for a blog nowadays (work, school, other things...ecc.) and i tell you the true, i don't feel like it. The blog will not end, but i must make a pause. How long is it? I don't know exactly...Maybe 2 or 3 months.
If you have a question, please send e-mail for me.


PS: Check this cool former soviet punks in the picture!

Bikini 04.09. 1982.-live in Miskolc

Bikini is one of my favorite Hungarian punk/new wave stuff. But i know, nowadays Bikini is a silly pop-rock band. But notice it: these bands are not one and the same. Bikini was a true band until 1984, but the singer, Fero Nagy get out from the band. From 1985, Bikini just a simple commercial fool thing. But it's already a other story...

Here's the one of earlier Bikini bootleg. This is the first "official" Bikini gig. Cool recording, and very rare. The repertoire was already form, they already played their famous songs: "Viva Carramba!", "Dolina", "Hegyek között", and ...ecc.
I think, the bootlegger would be a conservative, because the song "Bioritmus" is not full.


01. Ki csinál szódát? (Who makes soda?)
02.A zenekar üzenete (Message of the band)
03.Szintetizátor (Synthesizer)
04.Hegyek között (Between the mountains)
05.Viva Carramba!
07.Nem leszek sohasem a játékszered (I won't your toy)
08.Bioritmus (Bio-rhythm)
10.Nagyvárosi farkas (Urban wolf)
11.Katicabogárka (Ladybird)


Friday, 29 January 2010

Bikini-live 08.12.1983. Csongrád

In 1983, Bikini released first album, Hova lett. This album is one of my favorite Hungarian punk stuff! Unclass style-many sided. Here's one of Bikini concert from 1983. This bootleg made in countryside, but absolutely good quality. Early Bikini was assimilite to Beatrice, they played (next to own songs) they played some song from Ramones (Beat on the Brat in Hungarian!!,Blitzkrieg Bop) , from West-German new wave band Trio (Da Da Da) and they played Sex Pistols too. And they often played communist "propagandist" songs, e.g. "Hegyek között". It was their joke!


01.Szignál (Signature tune)
02.A zenekar üzenete (Message of the band)
03.Hegyek között (Between mountains)
04. 13 fodor van a szoknyámon (I have 13 frill in my skirt)
06.Motorizált nemzedék (Motorized generation)
07.Nem leszek a játékszered (I'm won't your toy)
08.Viva! Carramba!
10.Da Da Da (Trio)
11.Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones)
12.Beat on the Brat (Ramones)
13.Lángosképű (Fried dough-face)
14.Térden állva (Stand in knee)
15.Katicabogárka (Ladybird)
16.Zártosztály (Mental hospital)
17.Holiday in the Sun (Sex Pistol)
18.Nagyvárosi farkas (Urban wolf)
19.Ki csinál szódát? (Who make soda?)
20.Kislány vigyázz (Little girl, take care)
21.Hegyek között (Between mountains-outro)


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Auróra Cirkáló-demotape 1984

Auróra Cirkáló (meaning: Aurora Cruising) formed in 1982, in Győr. Initial period, the band had a female member.She was the singer between 1983-1984. Frankly, i very hate this band, but i think, this early demo (with female vocals) is cool! Aggressive vocals, fast punk...good! You can listen some great song, e.g. Fojtogatók-Stranglers, and Nyugalom-Calmness.
So, summarize, this early Aurora was good and interesting, but nowadays, Aurora is a shit "punk" band without female singer.... Sorry.


01.Robotok (Robots)
02.Anarchista kiáltvány (Anarchist proclamation)
03.Nyugalom (Calmness)
04.Törjük a sót (Break the sailt)
05.Fojtogatók (Stranglers)
06.Harcoljunk a békéért (Fight for the peace)
07.Milyen boldog itt a nép (The people feel happy here)
08.Öljetek meg (Kill me)
09.Ne tagadd (Don't deny it)
10.Hánynom kell az emberektől (I must vomit from the peope)
11.Robotok (Robots)


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Art Deco-demo 1985

Art Deco was a Hungarian industrial band from early 80s. They played Einstürzende Neubauten influenced music. Here's their rare demotape from 1985. Art Deco and another industrial bands (Petting, Strand) used industrial stuffs, iron plates, drilling machines and other things. Industrial music was absolutely layer-music style in Hungary. Good quality demo, enjoy!

02.Eldorado tango (Tango of Eldorado)
03.Elektromos árnyak (Electric shades)
04.Esős Vasárnap (Rainy Sunday)
05.Kazánok lázadása (Rebel of boilers)
07.Story of Oz
08.Újra kezdődik a tánc (The dance start again)


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Marina Revue-another demotape

I have another Marina Revue rehearsal. It's a not too good quality, the tones are very very raw.

01.Romantika (Romantic)
02.Ének nélkül (Without sing)
03.Sárga eső (Yellow rain)
04.Robbanj fel te negédes világ (Blow up sweet world!)
05.Régi múltad (Your old past)
06.Rohad a bolygó (The Earth is became rotten)
07.Nem maradt ránk semmi (Nothing fell on us)
08.Éljen a nyugodtság (Nothing fell on us)
09.Úgyis meghalunk (We will die)
10.Hajszolni a boldogulást (Hunt after the happiness)
11.Kutya vonyít (Dog is howl)
12.Zúg a Volga-Ne aggódj a kormány miatt (The Volga river is rumble-Don't worry about the Government)
13.Nicky Cruz
14.Őrizd a békét (Defend the peace)
15.Én vagyok az a srác (I am that boy)


Marina Revue-rehearsal

Here's other Marina Revue demotape. I don't know too much about this tape, maybe made in 1984 or 1985. I don't know... But the quality is good and if you watch, you can understand their lyrics. I very like this tape. Enjoy!

01.Úgyis meghalunk (We will die)
02.Rohad a bolygó (The Earth is became rotten)
03.Nem maradt ránk semmi (Nothing fell on us)
04.Nicky Cruz
05.Éljen a nyugodtság (Hurray the calm)
06.Meddig tart még? (How long is it?)
07.Sárga eső (Yellow rain)
08.Robbanj föl te negédes világ (Blow up sweet world!)
09.Kutya vonyít (Dog is howl)
10.Sikoly a mából (Scream from today)
11.Régi múltad (Your old past)
12.Romantika (Romantic)
13.Hajszolni a boldogulást (Hunt after the happiness)
14.Én vagyok az a srác (I am that boy)
15.Zúg a Volga-Ne aggódj a kormány miatt (The Volga river is rumble-Don't worry about the Government)
16.Őrizd a békét (Defend the peace)


Marina Revue-Live in TOTAL '85

Here's the another and rare recording from legendary Hungarian punk band, Marina Revue.
This recording made in the first Hungarian punk festival, TOTAL 85 . Good quality, enjoy!


01.Rohad a bolygó (The Earth is rotten)
02.Éljen a nyugodtság (Hurray the calm)
03.Meddig tart még? (How long is it...?)
04.Sárga eső (Yellow rain)
05.XX.századi kultúrember (20th century cultured man)
06.Romantika (Romantic)
07.Nem maradt ránk semmi (Nothing fell on us)
08.Én vagyok az a srác (I am that boy)
09.Úgyis meghalunk (We will die)
10.Zúg a Volga-Ne aggódj a kormány miatt (Volga river is rumble-Don't worry about the Government)
11.Régi múltad (Your old past)
12.Kutya vonyít (Dog is howl)
13.Őrizd a békét (Defend the peace)
14.Nicky Cruz
15.Robbanj föl te negédes világ (Blow up sweet world)
16.Sikoly a mából (Scream from today)
17.Hajszolni a boldogulást (Hunt after the happiness)


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Backing Group-live in Kecskemét 06.10.1981

When the Beatrice broke up in 1981, the singer, Fero Nagy started a new band, it was the Backing Group. In last period, Beatrice already played punk/new wave influenced musics, therefore Backing Group played similar music. This band was a short lived band (just few month) and they had to played some Beatrice songs too, because the public was not tolarated their interesting punk/new wave style. Backing Group broke up end of 1981 and Fero started the Bikini in 1982. But it's another story...


01.Itt a tavasz (The spring is here)
02.Nem vagyok én apáca (I'm not a nun)
03.Nem bírom a gyűrődést (I can't carry the stress-my nerves are bad)
04.Sárga bögre (Yellow cup)
05.Szignál (Signature tun)
06.Írtam a bátyámnak egy dalt (I wrote a song to my brother)
07.Szignál (Signature tun)
08.Mindent akarok de azt most rögtön (I want everything and immediately)
09.Szőke punk lány (Blond punk girl)
10.Zártosztály (Mental hospital)


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Z.E.F.-rehearsal and live 1984

Z.E.F. ( meaning in English: Sultry before thunderstorm) was a Hungarian oi! band between 1984-1987. The singer (in the picture with guitar) was a drummer in Modells and Mosoi between 1981-1983. Although the band played oi! and skinhead music, they weren't nazis, they and i don't understand why they were skinheads? Because their lyrics weren't racist and weren't extremists. Their lyrics is absolutely okay. So, this rehearsal there are 8 demo tracks and 2 live tracks. Unfortunately is not so good quality, very poor.


01.Oi! Oi! Oi!
02.Itt az idő (Here's the time)
03.Pusztulás (Destruction)
04.Rock gyilkosok (Rock killers)
05.Alkoholos szerelem (Alcoholic love)
06.SZ.E.SZ. (mosaic words, meaning Alcohol)
07.Sör-dal (Beer-song)
08.Barikádok (Barricades)

Live tracks:

09.Annetté Straßbourg


Some better quality Z.E.F. tracks:

01.Oi! Oi! Oi!


Friday, 1 January 2010

Kretens-concert in Ikarusz, 26. 05. 1982

Here's the unknown Kretens tape from early 80s, maybe from 1982. At this time, Kretens played raw, uncompromise punk-rock music. The band still played California Über Alles from Dead Kennedys. I don't know too much about this tape, i think, it's a great quality concert tape. Few days ago i thought it's a demotape, but i mistaken. Very interesting stuff!! Enjoy!


01.Várjál (Waiting)
02.Sárga veszedelem (Chinese danger)
03.Ha nem váltod meg a világot (If you don't change the world...)
04.I don't like you
05.California Über Alles
06.Előre vörösök! (Come on Soviets!)
07.Ringyó (Whore)
08.I hate
09.Torkig vagyok (I am fed up)
10.Pogányima (Heathen prayer)
11.Mocsár (Marsh)
12.Bürokraták (Bueaucrates)


Boldog Idők-1985

Boldog Idők (meaning: Happy Times ) was a one of the first ska-punk band in Hungary in mid '80s. I don't know too much about this band, just i think, they lived in Szeged. This tape is very rare, i think, it was a kind of demo-concert because the recordings are very good quality!


01.Orosz tél (Russian winter)
02.Boldog idők (Happy times)
03.Minden kiderül (Everything is come to light)
04.Nyilvános szerelem (Public love)
05.Film-Vörös katona (Movie-Soviet soldier)
06.Karnevál (Carnival)
07.Én a nagyszerű ember (I am the wonderful people)
08.Túl nagy nyomás (Too big pressure)
09.Amikor még (When still...)
11.Lip up fatty
12.Gengszter (Gangster)