Thursday, 15 March 2012

Balkan Futourist-Ding Deng Dong LP 1988

Balkan Futourist was a cool short-lived, but very dance-oriented new wave/underground group in the end 80s in Hungary. They released only LP in 1988, and later (around 2009) the 1grecords released again the same album, but with different tracklist and with 2 bonus tracks.
The LP version of Ding Deng Dong is totally rare nowadays, and i couldn't upload the LP version, just the re-released different version. Enjoy!


01. Arcomon ablak (Window on my face)
02. Nem vagy olyan (You're not a such...)
03. Welcome to AIDS
04. Ahogy bámulod a kirakatokat (As you looking the shop-windows)
05. Meglátod majd (You will see)
06. Geng (Gang)
07. Világsláger 2. (Hitsong no. 2.)
08. Néha (Sometimes)
09. Dira Magrait
11. Bolygók (Planets)
12. Nyilvántartanak (They register you)